2024 Nonresident Elk Hunting Updates in Wyoming

Thayne Muthler

Jimmy Dean

January 1, 2023

Cheyenne - As we approach the new year, nonresident elk hunters looking to apply in Wyoming need to note several critical changes to hunting regulations for the 2024 season. Understanding these updates is key to planning a successful and legal hunt.

Introduction to Changes

Starting January 2 at 8 a.m., applications will open for several big game species, including elk. The deadline for nonresident elk applications is January 31, with significant structural changes you'll need to be aware of.

New Regional Divisions and Quotas

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has introduced three new nonresident elk regions — Eastern, Southern, and Western — each with its specific hunt areas and proposed quotas. The purpose is to better manage the elk population and hunting experiences across the state. These quotas are still proposals and will be finalized in April 2024.

  • Eastern Region: Encompassing areas like 2, 3, 6, and others with a proposed quota of 500.
  • Southern Region: Including areas 9, 10, 12, among others, with a proposed quota of 1,050.
  • Western Region: Covering extensive areas including 28, 36, 37, and more with a proposed quota of 2,775.

Nonresident Restrictions

Nonresident hunters who obtain a general license will be confined to hunting within the general hunt areas of the region they draw a license for. While these regions include limited quota hunt areas, nonresidents are permitted to hunt only in designated general areas.

Resident Privileges

Residents of Wyoming will see no change in their ability to purchase general elk licenses and can still hunt in any general license area statewide.

Rationale Behind the Changes

The adjustment to nonresident general elk regions and quotas stems from a recommendation by the Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce. The aim is to allow more flexibility in issuing licenses and to accommodate the growing elk population, which has seen a substantial increase since the original nonresident license limit was set in the 1980s.

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