Wyoming's Game and Fish Commission Gathers in Riverton to Deliberate 2024 Hunting Seasons

Thayne Muthler

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has scheduled their upcoming meeting on April 16 to 17 at the Holiday Inn in Riverton, located at 900 East Sunset Drive. The meeting will be held both in person and through Zoom, providing an opportunity for attendees to engage with the Commission on relevant matters.

During the meeting, the Commission will review and approve hunting season proposals for 2024-25, including large game, wild bison, terrestrial birds, smaller wildlife, and migratory birds. They will also discuss regulations for harvesting Light Geese as part of a conservation initiative.

Informative discussions will be held on trapping methodologies, the Speas Fish Hatchery that caters to cold and warm water species, and authorizations for landowners. Additionally, a presentation will be given on the development plan for U.S. Highway 26 in Dubois, in collaboration with other stakeholders.

To participate in the Zoom conference, daily links can be found on the Commission's website. The detailed schedule can also be viewed on the Game and Fish website. Please note that the agenda may be subject to changes, including adjustments to the scheduled time slots for discussions. Live updates can be accessed on the Commission webpage.

Wyoming is committed to supporting and upholding the Americans with Disabilities Act. If additional assistance is needed, please contact the Game and Fish department at (307) 777-4501 to ensure appropriate accommodations.