Professional Hunter's Views on Education and Accountability in the Context of Governor Kristi Noem's Divisive Hunting Dog Incident

Thayne Muthler

Conversations among professionals in the field of hunting dogs have been prompted by the recent events involving Governor Kristi Noem's dog, Cricket. This has brought attention to the importance of appropriate training and responsible pet ownership. Dan Griffith, a local dog trainer, expressed his profound sorrow upon discovering Cricket's predicament and emphasized the value of maturity and patience in the training of hunting dogs.

After spending several decades training hunting dogs, Griffith was training Pepper, his 13-week-old dog, at the time the news of Cricket broke. Griffith underscored the gradual process of canine development as Pepper advanced in her training, noting that canines usually do not attain full maturity until they are about two years old.

The words of Griffith were echoed by seasoned dog breeder and hunter Bob Uecker, who emphasized the need of patience and time in producing a successful hunting dog. Uecker emphasized that between the ages of three and five, dogs usually attain their peak hunting capability. This underscores the importance of pet owners having a thorough grasp of their dogs and a strong commitment to their training.

When dog owners experience problems with their pet's behavior, Uecker suggested looking at several ways to deal with the problem. These alternatives consist of finding the dog a new home, getting help from a qualified dog behaviorist, or doing a thorough vet check-up. Although Uecker acknowledged that pet owners may have to make tough choices, she emphasized that before taking extreme action, one should thoroughly investigate all options.

Griffith persisted in working with Pepper, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to good canine training. Griffith conveyed his sorrow and underlined the need of having empathy and understanding for hunting dogs as he thought back on Cricket's tragic story.

In the end, the sad story of Cricket serves as a potent reminder of the complexities of pet ownership and the importance of proper training and care. Respected experts such as Griffith and Uecker consistently advocate for responsible pet ownership, asking dog owners to put their pets' well-being first and get help when they need it.