The Massachusetts Spring Turkey Hunting Season Begins

Thayne Muthler

Outdoor enthusiasts are giddy with anticipation as the spring turkey hunting season in Massachusetts begins, ready for an exciting hunting expedition. Beginning on Monday, hunters from all over the state will be heading into the woods to hunt the elusive birds.

The season begins on April 25 this year and runs until the final Monday of the month. In wildlife management zones 1–13, hunters are allowed to be in the field from 30 minutes before daybreak to midday, providing excellent shooting opportunities.

Residents need to have a current hunting license, turkey permit, and safety stickers for shotguns and muzzleloaders in order to hunt turkeys in the spring. This period gives hunters a range of alternatives for bagging their game because shotguns, muzzleloaders, and archery gear are permitted.

It is emphasized to hunters that there are rules to follow, such as the two bearded bird bag limit every season. It is also required that all game be reported within 48 hours of harvesting. To uphold moral hunting practices, regulations that forbid the use of dogs, electronic calls, bait, live decoys, and herding turkeys are rigorously enforced.

Respecting the environment and the animals they hunt is essential for hunters. The Massachusetts wildlife officials stress the importance of ethical hunting practices, which include trying your hardest to recover injured or deceased turkeys while out in the field. This guideline is only broken if it is determined that the animal is too sick or decayed to be eaten.