Wisconsin DNR Calls for Volunteer Hunter Education Instructors to Support Safety and Conservation Efforts

Thayne Muthler

The Department of Natural Resources in Wisconsin is seeking individuals who are passionate about maintaining safety and respect in hunting to join as hunter education instructors. Volunteer positions are available across the entire state.

Since its inception in 1967, over twenty thousand volunteer instructors have successfully trained and certified more than one million hunters in Wisconsin. Their efforts have significantly contributed to making hunting a much safer activity, with a 95% reduction in hunting-related incidents compared to before the implementation of this training.

Michael Weber, the DNR Hunter Education Administrative Warden, attributed the program's longstanding success to the quality and dedication of its instructors. Volunteer instructors have been and continue to be vital to the program's success. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a newcomer, consider applying to become an instructor.

Moreover, volunteering as a teacher allows individuals to support Wisconsin's hunting heritage for future generations. It offers an opportunity to gain hands-on teaching experience and interact directly with Department of Natural Resources staff. Additionally, it helps foster connections within local communities.

There are two pathways to becoming certified as a volunteer hunter education instructor. Interested individuals can either apprentice under an experienced instructor for two full courses or attend a certification training session conducted by a DNR Outdoor Skills Trainer.

Upon certification, the Department of Natural Resources provides volunteer instructors with all necessary teaching materials and equipment to conduct hunter education courses. To maintain their certification, instructors are only required to teach one class every three years, although many choose to teach more frequently.

For more information on becoming a volunteer instructor, please contact the nearest outdoor skills trainer.