Nevada 2023 Notes Before Hunting

Limits and Hours

Limits: Adherence to the one-animal-per-tag limit is crucial for responsible big game hunting in 2023. This restriction ensures sustainability and fair distribution of hunting opportunities, contributing to the conservation of wildlife populations.

Hunting Hours: Hunting is permitted from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset during all big game hunts, unless otherwise specified. Familiarize yourself with these specified time frames to comply with regulations and promote ethical hunting practices.

New Additions in 2023: Stay alert for marked additions in blue, signaling new hunts, dates, or units introduced this year. Being aware of these changes is essential for effective planning of your hunting endeavors.

Helicopter Overflights and Your Hunt

Survey Purpose: Helicopter surveys, conducted during hunting seasons, focus on critical parameters such as the ratio of bucks to does, fawn recruitment, and calf production. While efforts are made to avoid disturbances during open hunting seasons, occasional surveys are unavoidable. We apologize for any inconvenience and assure you that every effort is made to limit these activities during your hunt.

The Draw System Demystified

Random Number Assignment: The draw system assigns a random number to all applications, regardless of species or gender. Bonus points garner additional random numbers by squaring the bonus point total and adding one for the current year. The lowest number within the bonus point application is utilized.

Group Order Evaluation: Applications are drawn sequentially, starting with the lowest random number and evaluated in group order. This ensures a fair distribution of tags across various species and gender classifications. For instance, if you draw an Antlered Elk tag early in the process, your application for Antlerless Elk will not be considered.

Alternate Options After the Draw

Alternate Status: Opt to be an alternate for a returned tag to NDOW. During the application process, selecting the alternate option provides the potential to receive a tag after the main draw. This option allows for increased opportunities even after the initial draw process.

Big Game Hunt Survey

Mandatory Submission: Hunt surveys are obligatory for all big game tags, regardless of successful harvest. Questionnaires must be submitted on or before 5 p.m. PST on January 31 following the close of the hunt season. For hunts closing after January 31, submission is required on or before 5 p.m. PST on February 28.

Reporting Penalties: Failure to report a harvest return card incurs a $50 penalty for successful tag holders and a suspension from the next season’s application period until the penalty is paid and the questionnaire is completed.

Physically Inspected Harvest

Exemptions and Requirements: Successful bighorn sheep ram, mountain goat, and bear hunters with physically inspected harvests at a Department office are exempt from returning a big game harvest questionnaire. Unsuccessful hunters for these species are still required to complete the hunter harvest questionnaire. Bighorn sheep ewe hunters are not obligated to have their harvest physically inspected at a Department office.

Minimum Legal Requirements For Taking Edible Meat From The Field

Edible Meat Usage: Hunters are encouraged to utilize as much of their harvest as possible. The minimum lawful requirements for big game mammals, excluding mountain lion and black bear, include specific portions such as the front and hind quarters, and meat along the backbone. Understanding these requirements ensures responsible and ethical hunting practices.

Specific Portions:

  • Front Quarter (Shoulder)
  • Hind Quarter (Thigh)
  • Backbone (Backstrap / Tenderloin)
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