State-owned Public Fishing Lakes (PFLs)

The Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division oversees several state-owned Public Fishing Lakes (PFLs) across Alabama. These lakes provide recreational fishing opportunities and are managed by dedicated lake managers. Here is a list of the state-owned PFLs, their managers, contact numbers, and closed days (if applicable):


  • Closed for renovation. Reopening TBD.


  • Manager: Cindy Holder
  • Phone: (205) 938-2318


  • Closed for renovation. Reopening TBD.


  • Manager: Gregory Clark
  • Phone: (256) 488-0042


  • Manager: City of Elba, Ricky Mularz
  • Phone: (334) 447-2384


  • Closed for renovation. Reopening TBD.


  • Manager: City of Ozark, Dan Wallace
  • Phone: (334) 774-0588


  • Managers: Earle & Shakenyia Williams
  • Phone: (334) 349-2216


  • Manager: Steven Simmons
  • Phone: (256) 657-1300


  • Closed for renovation. Reopening TBD.


  • No on-site manager


  • Manager: Ray Windham
  • Phone: (334) 684-0361


  • Manager: Kathy Parker
  • Phone: (205) 695-8283


  • Manager: William H. Smith
  • Phone: (334) 745-6563


  • Managers: Chris and Cole Coultas
  • Phone: (256) 776-4905


  • Manager: Barbara Goggans
  • Phone: (205) 495-1753


  • Closed for renovation. Reopening TBD.


  • Manager: City of Troy, Brian Meadows
  • Phone: (334) 674-2480


  • Manager: Sonny Posey
  • Phone: (205) 275-4263


  • No on-site manager

State-owned public fishing lakes are typically open six days a week from February 1 through June 30 each year. From July 1 until November 30, some lakes are only open five days a week. During the months of December and January, many lakes are closed or operate on a limited basis. Information and schedules may change without notice, so please visit our website, call the Lake Manager, or the appropriate Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries District Office for the current operating schedule.

State-Owned Public Fishing Lakes Regulations

Visitors to State-Owned Public Fishing Lakes must adhere to the following regulations:

  1. Stock fish, including minnows used as legal bait, is prohibited.
  2. Selling any fish caught from Public Fishing Lakes is prohibited.
  3. The use of any minnow as bait is restricted to goldfish, shiners, or toughies (fatheads).
  4. Fishing with jugs, bow and arrow, or hand grabbling is not allowed.
  5. Operating gasoline outboard motors is prohibited, except where permitted.
  6. Camping is only allowed in designated areas; swimming, wading, and sailboats are not allowed unless permitted.
  7. Launching any boat, including kayaks and canoes, requires a permit.
  8. Visitors must maintain orderliness and refrain from unruly or disorderly behavior.
  9. Soliciting, selling, or advertising is not permitted.
  10. Removing shrubs, wildflowers, trees, or plants is prohibited.
  11. Defacing or destroying state property is strictly forbidden.
  12. Exceeding posted speed limits is not allowed.
  13. Operating unlicensed vehicles, such as ATVs, is prohibited.
  14. Consuming alcoholic beverages during hours of operation is not allowed.
  15. Hunting, trapping, pursuing, catching, or selling any wild bird or wild animal is prohibited.
  16. Fishing without a permit is not allowed for individuals aged 12 or older.

Note on State-Owned Public Fishing Lakes Regulations

  • Anglers aged 12 and older must possess a valid permit to fish legally.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at a Public Fishing Lake (PFL).
  • Daily creel, possession, and size limits are posted at each lake.
  • Fishing is allowed during daylight hours or as specified by the lake manager.
  • Only hook and line with natural or artificial bait may be used at a PFL.
  • Anglers must be prepared to show their catch, fishing permit, and fishing license to a Conservation Officer or the Lake Manager upon request.
  • All fish caught must be presented to the Lake Manager for counting and weighing.
  • State-Owned Public Fishing Lakes are designated as wildlife sanctuaries.
  • The provided information is a summary of regulations for state-owned Public Fishing Lakes and serves as a general guide. For complete regulations, refer to the Alabama Game, Fish, Furbearers, and Other Wildlife Regulation Book.
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