Connecticut Hunting License Regulations and Costs

Connecticut's Hunting and Fishing License Acquisition

Online Purchases

Hunting and fishing licenses, stamps, and permits are available 24/7 via the DEEP’s Online Outdoor Licensing System. This convenient option allows for electronic signatures and the digital storage of licenses on smartphones, eliminating the need for a physical copy.

In-Person Purchases

These items can also be acquired from outdoor equipment retailers and town halls. Availability and restrictions may vary, so it is recommended to verify with the local town hall.

License Agent Locations

Licenses bought through a licensed agent require a printed and manually signed copy to be considered valid.

DEEP Field Offices and Headquarters

  • Sessions Woods Field Office: Located in Burlington, open for license sales from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM. Get directions.
  • Franklin Field Office: Located in North Franklin, operational from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM. Get directions.
  • Western District Headquarters: Situated in Harwinton, available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM, for license services. Get directions.

Limited Availability Notice

DEEP’s Eastern District (Marlborough; 860-295-9523) and Marine District (Old Lyme; 860-434-6043) Headquarters may have constricted license sales. Contact these offices directly to confirm service availability before visiting.

Connecticut Hunting and Fishing License Fees

Discounts for Young Residents

  • Resident Youths (Ages 16-17): Receive a 50% discount on all license fees, permits, and stamps.
  • Resident Juniors (Ages 12-15): Benefit from a 50% reduction on stamp and permit fees.
  • Junior Hunters (Ages 12-15): Required to purchase the Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp for a fee of $9.

License and Permit Fees

Firearms Hunting

  • Resident Youth Fee: $10 (Regular Resident: $19, Non-resident: $91)

Firearms Hunting and Inland Fishing

  • Resident Youth Fee: $19 (Regular Resident: $38, Non-resident: $110)

Firearms Hunting and All Waters Fishing

  • Resident Youth Fee: $20 (Regular Resident: $40, Non-resident: $120)

Firearms Hunting and Marine Waters Fishing

  • Resident Youth Fee: $13 (Regular Resident: $25, Non-resident: $94)

3-Day Non-resident Bird Hunting

  • Applicable to out-of-state hunters for migratory and resident game birds. Does not include Sundays, requires additional stamp purchase: Non-resident Fee: $35

Junior Firearms Hunting (Ages 12 to 15)

  • Fee: $11 (same for both resident and non-resident)

Archery Deer/Small Game

  • Resident Youth Fee: $21 (Regular Resident: $41, Non-resident: $135)

Archery Deer/Small Game and All Waters Fishing

  • Resident Youth Fee: $33 (Regular Resident: $65, Non-resident not available)

Junior Archery Deer/Small Game (Ages 12 to 15)

  • Resident Fee: $10 (Non-resident: $19)


  • Resident Fee: $34 (Non-resident: $250)

Resident Youth Trapping (Ages 16-17)

  • Fee: $17

Junior Trapping (Ages 15 and under)

  • Fee: $11 (Resident only)

Age 65+ Annual Licenses

  • Annual Firearms Hunting and Annual Trapping Licenses are free for residents aged 65 and above.

Connecticut Landowner Hunting Permits Overview

Acreage Requirement

  • Landowners must possess 10 or more contiguous acres to qualify for landowner hunting permits.

Turkey Hunting Changes

  • The traditional turkey permits have been superseded by the Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp.
  • Landowners are entitled to hunt turkeys on their property during any season.
  • Landowners have the option to use either a Free Landowner Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp or a standard Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp.
  • The provision of the free stamp does not grant an additional bag limit for turkeys beyond standard regulations.

Deer Hunting for Landowners

  • A Free Landowner Deer Permit allows landowners to harvest deer on their property.
  • Eligible landowners may take up to two deer per season with the Free Landowner Deer Permit.

Small Game and Deer Archery Permit Details

Validity Period

  • Permit valid for the entire Calendar Year.

Fee Structure

  • Resident: $41.00
  • Non-Resident: $135.00
  • Resident Ages 16-17: $21.00
  • Junior Resident (Ages 12-15): $10.00
  • Junior Non-Resident: $19.00

Purchase Options

  • Obtainable online, at town clerks' offices, and select outdoor equipment stores.

Educational Requirements

  • Mandatory presentation of a CE/FS bowhunting course certificate, completed in 1982 or later, or an equivalent certification from another state or country.
  • Photocopies of certificates are permissible; original documents should not be sent.
  • Prior bowhunting licenses, permits, or stamps are not valid as substitutes for the bowhunting course completion proof.

Permit Utilization

  • This permit is a prerequisite for engaging in all varieties of archery hunting.
  • Grants permission to bow hunt for deer on state and privately-owned lands.
  • Junior permits are specifically designed for individuals aged 12 to 15.

Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp Regulations


  • The stamp is valid for the entire Calendar Year.

Fee Schedule

  • Resident (ages 18 and up): $28.00
  • Resident Youth (ages 12-17): $14.00
  • Non-resident (ages 12 and up): $28.00

Prerequisites for Purchase

  • A current firearms hunting license or a Small Game and Deer Archery Permit is necessary.


  • Stamps can be purchased online, through most town clerks, and at some outdoor equipment retailers.

Purpose and Use

  • This stamp has replaced the previously required Pheasant Stamp and turkey permits.
  • Hunting pheasant, ruffed grouse, quail, partridge, and wild turkey requires this stamp.
  • Upon purchase, the stamp's authorization is indicated on the hunter's license.

Revenue Allocation

  • Funds accrued from the sale of the Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamps are allocated to a dedicated, non-expiring account, which is exclusively utilized for the conservation of game birds and improving their habitats.

Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp Information


  • The stamp is valid for the Calendar Year.


  • Resident: $17.00
  • Resident Youth (ages 12-17): $9.00
  • Non-resident (ages 12 and up): $17.00

Where to Purchase

  • Can be obtained online, at town clerks' offices, and some outdoor equipment stores.

Stamp Requirements

  • This consolidated stamp integrates the functionalities of the previous $4 HIP permit.
  • It is mandatory for all hunters, including junior hunters, who hunt waterfowl, rails, snipe, woodcock, and crows.

Ease of Use

  • There's no need to sign or carry the actual state stamp while hunting.
  • An option to get a physical copy of the stamp is available by opting in during the purchase process or by making a mail request to DEEP with the appropriate fee.

Mailing Address for Physical Stamp

  • Requests for physical stamp requests can be sent to DEEP Licensing and Revenue, 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106.

Update on HIP Permit Purchases Through Third-party Vendors

Notice of Changes

  • Modifications have been implemented for HIP permits purchased via third-party license vendors.

Impact on Hunters

  • Hunters are advised to ascertain how these changes may affect their licensing.

No Impact on Online Purchases

  • No alterations have been made for those acquiring their HIP permits through DEEP's Online Outdoor Licensing System.

Federal Duck Stamp Acquisition Guidelines

Validity Period

  • The stamp is valid from July 1 through June 30.


  • Both Resident and Non-resident: $25.

Availability and Signing Requirement

  • Obtainable at most Post Offices, by telephone, and online.
  • The stamp must be signed in ink across its face to be valid.

Junior Hunter Exemption

  • Hunters aged 12-15 are not required to purchase this stamp.

Electronic Duck Stamp (E-Stamp)

  • For those who have issues acquiring the stamp physically, the E-Stamp may be bought online for immediate use.
  • E-stamps can also be purchased from other states if necessary.
  • The physical stamp will be mailed after purchase, but the E-Stamp is valid in the interim.
  • To purchase an E-Stamp, visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website for full details.

Hunting and Fishing Guide Registration in Connecticut

In Connecticut, it's mandatory for every individual who offers hunting and fishing guide services to register with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) on an annual basis. Registration can be conveniently completed through DEEP's Online Outdoor Licensing System, which provides a streamlined process for new applicants and renewals. Alternatively, for individuals who prefer in-person transactions or may not have access to the online system, registration can be carried out at designated vendors where hunting and fishing licenses are also available. These vendors are distributed across the state, thus making them accessible for guides in various localities. The registration process includes a set fee of $100, which is a standard charge for all guides looking to be registered for the service year. This fee is essential for maintaining the administrative aspects of the registration process and ensuring that the state's natural resources are managed effectively, promoting sustainable hunting and fishing practices.

Identification and Harvesting Regulations for Propagated Game Birds

Tagging Requirements

Each game bird harvested on regulated private shooting preserves, regulated dog training areas, approved pheasant-exempt areas or field trial areas must be tagged. The tag necessitates the permittee's name and the date of taking. Handwritten tags are adequate, or a complete sheet of Game Bird Harvest Tags can be obtained and printed from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) website.

Hunting on State Lands

Hunters aiming to pursue game birds on state-owned or state-managed lands, where pheasants are stocked, must ensure adherence to bag limits. Game birds acquired from shooting preserves, dog training areas, exempt areas, or field trial areas should not be possessed while hunting on these lands as they will be included in the daily bag limit, enforced by Law Enforcement Authorities.

Importation of Game Birds

When transporting game birds from out of state, hunters must secure a permit from the Department of Agriculture. For permit attainment and further details, contact the Department at 860-713-2508.

Deer Hunting Firearms Permits: Acquisition and Regulations

Permit Availability

Firearms deer hunting permits are accessible for purchase online, through most Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) offices, town clerks, and certain outdoor equipment retailers. To qualify for obtaining a firearms deer permit, hunters must present a valid firearms hunting license.

Deer Lottery Permits

Starting from January 3, 2022, at 9:30 AM, a new provision enables hunters to apply for Deer Lottery Permits. As per the regulations, individuals are prohibited from purchasing both a State Land Lottery Permit and a State Land No-Lottery Permit simultaneously. However, in instances where a hunter is not successful in the lottery for a permit, they retain the option to purchase a State Land No-Lottery permit subsequently.

Hunting Permit Fees and Seasons

State Land Lottery "A" Season*

  • Resident Fee: $19.00
  • Non-resident Fee: $68.00
  • Opening Day: Nov. 16
  • Youth (12-17 years): $10.00

State Land Lottery Regular Season*

  • Resident Fee: $19.00
  • Non-resident Fee: $68.00
  • Opening Day: Nov. 16
  • Youth (12-17 years): $10.00

State Land No-Lottery Season*

  • Resident Fee: $19.00
  • Non-resident Fee: $68.00
  • Opening Day: Nov. 16
  • Youth (12-17 years): $10.00

Private Land Shotgun/Rifle/Revolver

  • Resident Fee: $19.00
  • Non-resident Fee: $68.00
  • Opening Day: Nov. 16
  • Youth (12-17 years): $10.00


  • Requirement: 10 or more contiguous acres
  • Resident Fee: Free
  • Non-resident Fee: Free
  • Opening Day: Nov. 1

State Land Muzzleloader

  • Resident Fee: $19.00
  • Non-resident Fee: $68.00
  • Opening Day: Dec. 7
  • Youth (12-17 years): $10.00

Private Land Muzzleloader

  • Resident Fee: $19.00
  • Non-resident Fee: $68.00
  • Opening Day: Dec. 7
  • Youth (12-17 years): $10.00

Revolver Deer Endorsement Details

For a fee of $5, the Revolver Deer Endorsement grants individuals who hold a Free Landowner Permit or Connecticut residents with a Private Land Shotgun/Rifle Permit the option to hunt deer using a revolver. This is permissible only on privately owned land that spans at least 10 acres. Additionally, hunters choosing to use a handgun for deer hunting must carry all necessary state and town permits authorizing them to do so.

Conservation ID Protocol

Upon issuance of any hunting or fishing license, individuals are assigned a unique Conservation ID number. This identifier is essential and should be consistently utilized for all transactions related to the purchase of licenses and permits, both annually and at every occurrence. When accessing the Online Sportsmen Licensing system or visiting a vendor to obtain licenses, always present your Conservation ID# for identification purposes. It is imperative to record your Conservation ID# and store it securely, as it serves as your official license number for all related activities.

Hunter Education Certification Criteria

To be eligible for any hunting or trapping licenses, one of the following criteria must be satisfied: a prospective licensee must have previously held a RESIDENT license in the requested discipline within the past five years or produce a certification of successful completion of a Connecticut Conservation Education/Firearms Safety (CE/FS) course—or its recognized equivalent—for the specific discipline applied for. Although part of the hunter education may be completed online, it must include a field day component. Licenses such as "Apprentice" or "Mentored" from other states are not considered valid for meeting these requirements.

To be certified in firearms or bowhunting, an individual needs to be at least 10 years old. Bowhunters are required to show proof of completion of the CE/FS bowhunting course (post-1982) or an equivalent course from another state or country, which must specifically certify Bowhunter Education when purchasing a small game/deer archery permit. Those who have acquired a Connecticut bowhunting license in 2002 or later have already demonstrated such proof.

Details on courses can be obtained through the online platform or directly by reaching the CE/FS program at 860-424-3011.

Hunter Safety Certificate Retrieval Process

Once you have successfully finished a hunter safety course, your certification is directly uploaded to your online license profile. It will be automatically printed at the bottom of any issued hunting or fishing licenses. For those requiring a physical copy of the certification without the need to make any license purchase, you can print it directly through the Online Outdoor Licensing System. It is important to note that physical certificates are no longer sent via mail.

Free Annual Licenses for Seniors

Residents who are 65 years of age or older are eligible to receive firearms hunting and trapping licenses at no cost, provided they meet all necessary hunter and trapper education requirements. It's essential to remember that even though the licenses are free, they still require annual renewal to maintain validity.

Regulations for Hunting and Trapping by Minors

Hunting Guidelines for Minors

Individuals must be at least 12 years old to engage in hunting activities. Minors aged 12 to 15 are required to be licensed and must hunt under the direct supervision of a licensed hunter who is at least 18 years old. Supervision is limited in such a way that one adult may not oversee more than two minors during any hunting expedition. Each minor retains the right to their individual bag limits. Should a junior license holder turn 16 within a given calendar year, there is no need to purchase an upgraded license for the remainder of that year. Specific opportunities are available during Junior Hunter Training Days, which include experiences with spring turkeys, pheasants, waterfowl, and deer.

Trapping Guidelines for Minors

For trapping, there is no stipulated minimum age; however, those under 16 years of age are obliged to acquire a Junior Trapping License to participate legally in trapping activities.

Licensing for Active Full-Time U.S. Armed Forces Members

Active full-time members of the U.S. armed forces are entitled to purchase Connecticut hunting, fishing, or trapping licenses at the resident rates. To utilize these licenses, personnel must carry proof of their full-time military service throughout the calendar year. Please note that these specific licenses are exclusively available at Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) offices or through authorized town clerks.

Reprinting a Lost License

If your license is lost, you have the convenience of reprinting it at no extra charge through the Online Outdoor Licensing System. Alternatively, you can visit a local licensing vendor or a DEEP office to have a copy of your license reprinted for you.


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