Delaware Hunting License and Permit Fees

Delaware Residency and Hunting Supervision Requirements

Determining Residency for License Eligibility

In Delaware, eligibility for a resident license demands an individual to have been a resident for a minimum of one year before the license purchase. Crucially, one can only possess residency in a single U.S. state—indicated by the state claimed on the federal income tax return—even if owning multiple homes.

Youth Hunting Supervision Guidelines

  • Hunters under 16 must be actively supervised by someone at least 21 years old to use firearms or bows.
  • Hunters under 18 with handguns or non-exempt rifled firearms require supervision by an adult 21 or over, except when using a straight-walled pistol-caliber rifle as specified in the Deer Hunting regulations.
  • Hunters aged 16 to 18 may use straight-walled pistol-caliber rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, or archery equipment without an adult's direct supervision.

Delaware Hunting and Trapping License Fees

Resident License Fees

  • Adult Hunting License (Ages 16-64): Required for those 16-64 for hunting within the state - $39.50
  • Junior Hunting License (Age 13-15): Mandatory for ages 13-15 - $5.00
  • Guide Hunting License (Age 18+): Necessary for hunting guide service operators - $159.50
  • Trapping License (Ages 13-64): Required for those under 65, with a trapping education course completion if born after Jan 1, 1978 - $10.00
  • Fur Dealer License: Annual license needed for commercial fur dealing, except for muskrat - $50.00
  • Waterfowl (Duck) Stamp (Age 16+): Required for waterfowl hunting by 16 to 64-year-olds - $15.00
  • State Wildlife Area Waterfowl Blind and Deer Stand Permit: For hunters using assigned blinds or stands through the daily lottery - $20.00
  • Hunter's Choice and Quality Buck Tag Combo: $20.00
  • Additional Antlerless Deer Tag: $20.00 each

Non-Resident License Fees

  • Adult Hunting License (Age 16+): Required for non-resident hunters over 16 - $199.50
  • Junior Hunting License (Age 13-15): Mandatory for non-resident youths 13-15 - $50.00
  • Guide Hunting License (Age 18+): Essential for non-resident hunting guide service operators - $475.00
  • Trapping License (Age 13+): Required for all non-residents who trap post-approved education course, if born after Jan 1, 1978 - $75.00
  • Fur Dealer License: Annual non-resident license for commercial fur dealing, except for muskrat - $475.00
  • Waterfowl (Duck) Stamp (Age 16+): Non-residents over 16 must have for waterfowl hunting - $15.00
  • 3-Day Hunting License (Age 16+): Three consecutive days for small game and waterfowl, except for deer or turkey - $75.00
  • Antlered Deer Tag: $50.00
  • Quality Buck Tag: $50.00
  • Additional Antlerless Deer Tag: $20.00 each

All licenses, permits, and tags can be applied for subject to eligibility criteria and must adhere to Delaware's hunting and trapping regulations.

Exemptions from Delaware Hunting and Trapping Licenses

License Exempt Number (LEN) Requirement

Certain Delaware residents and non-residents may be exempt from purchasing hunting or trapping licenses, but must secure a free License Exempt Number (LEN) annually.

  • Price: Free
  • Requirement: Mandatory yearly LEN acquisition

Federal Duck Stamp for Migratory Bird Hunting

  • Age Requirement: Anyone 16 years or older must possess a federal duck stamp for hunting migratory birds, with no exemptions for persons 65+.
  • Availability: Purchase at Post Offices, with some states offering electronic stamps (e-stamps).
  • Delaware Status: Evaluating inclusion of e-stamps in the state system; accepts e-stamps from other states.
  • For More Info: Visit U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Service Fees and License Year

  • Service Fees: Up to $2.50 for issuing licenses, $1.50 for deer tags, permits, passes, and $1.00 for duck stamps by agents.
  • License Year Duration: July 1 - June 30

Education and Age Requirements for Hunting and Trapping

  • Hunter Education (Born on/after Jan 1, 1967): Must complete a Hunter Education course to obtain a license. Proof required at purchase.
  • Trapper Education (Born on/after Jan 1, 1978): A 6-hour trapper education course is required before obtaining a trapping license.

Special Notes

  • Junior Hunting License Expiration: Expires at the child's 16th birthday. Consider purchasing an adult license if turning 16 during the hunting season.
  • In-Person Purchase: Fur Dealer License must be purchased at DNREC’s office in Dover, DE.
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