Florida Hunting License Regulations and Costs

Florida Recreational Hunting and Fishing Licensing

Acquiring Licenses and Permits

To engage in hunting and fishing recreationally in Florida, you can obtain licenses and permits via, local tax collector offices, various license agents, or by dialing 888-HUNT-FLORIDA. Residents must provide a Florida driver license or ID card for online or telephone purchases. For individuals without these, alternative proof of residency includes a Florida voter information card, declaration of domicile, or homestead exemption.

Definition of Resident

Florida residents, for licensing purposes, include individuals who have declared Florida as their sole state of residence with a valid Florida-issued driver license or ID card. Active military members stationed in Florida, their spouses, and dependent children are also treated as residents.

Licenses and Permits Required

General Hunting License

Mandatory for taking or attempting to take game or furbearing animals, excluding trapping methods.

Specific Permits:

  • Deer Permit: Necessary alongside a hunting license for deer.
  • Turkey Permit: Essential with a hunting license for wild turkeys.
  • Migratory Bird Permit: Required with a hunting license for species like ducks, geese, and doves.
  • Florida Waterfowl Permit and Federal Duck Stamp: Obligatory for ducks, geese, and mergansers alongside other permits.
  • Archery Season Permit: Needed for hunting in archery season.
  • Crossbow Season Permit: A requirement for crossbow season.
  • Muzzleloading Gun Season Permit: Compulsory for muzzleloading gun season.
  • Management Area Permit: Demanded for wildlife hunting in designated management areas, some areas might also require a daily-use fee.
  • Limited Entry/Quota Permit: Necessary for hunting in certain management areas during specific periods, details are mentioned on page 41 of the reference material.
  • Furbearer Trapping License: Required for trapping and selling pelts of various furbearing animals, except for residents aged 65 or over.

Additional Requirements

Wildlife management area hunting might necessitate more permits or tags throughout the season. It's vital to check the specific WMA brochure available at for detailed requirements and exemptions.

To summarize, acquiring the correct license or permit before recreational hunting or fishing in Florida is essential. Be sure to provide evidence of residency if needed and familiarize yourself with the specific permits required for different species and seasons.

Procedures for Ordering Hunting Licenses and Permits in Florida

Online and Telephone Orders

For convenience, Florida hunting licenses and permits are available for purchase around the clock at or by calling 888-HUNT-FLORIDA (888-486-8356).

In-Person Purchases

Alternatively, you can acquire these documents in person at any tax collector's office or authorized licensing agent across Florida.

Additional Information and Fees

Visit to find comprehensive information regarding the ordering process and a detailed fee structure. It's important to note that once purchased, all sales of licenses and permits are considered final and non-refundable.

Hunting License and Permit Exemption Criteria in Florida

Exemptions Based on Property and Age

  • Homestead Exemption: Florida residents are exempt when hunting within their own county on their or their spouse's homestead, or as a minor child on their parent’s homestead.
  • Senior Residents: Florida residents 65 years or older are excused from licensing requirements upon presenting proof of age and residency, such as a valid Florida Driver License, ID card, or a no-cost Florida Resident 65+ Hunting and Fishing card.

Special Status Exemptions

  • Disability Exemption: Florida residents with disabilities can apply for a Florida Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting and Fishing License via or for exemption.
  • Military Leave Exemption: Active-duty Florida residents in the U.S. Armed Services, who are not stationed in Florida and are on leave for 30 days or less, are exempt.

Youth Exemption

  • Children Below 16: Minors under the age of 16 are exempt from the licensing requirements and also do not need federal duck stamps.

These exemptions allow for specific groups, such as locals on their property, senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, military personnel on short-term leave, and young hunters, to partake in hunting activities without the need for obtaining standard Florida hunting licenses or permits. Additional details and the process of obtaining exemption proof or cards can be found on the official GoOutdoorsFlorida website or at county tax collectors’ offices.

Florida Resident Hunting Licenses Overview

Annual and Multi-Year Options

  • Gold Sportsman's License: Comprehensive package including various hunting and fishing licenses and numerous permits.
    • Annual: $100.00
    • 5-Year: $494.00
  • Youth Gold Sportsman's License: Identical to the Gold Sportsman's, for certified hunters aged 8-15 until age 17.
    • Annual: $100.00
  • Military Gold Sportsman's License: Similar to Gold Sportsman's for active/retired military with valid credentials.
    • Annual: $20.00
  • Sportsman's License: Hunting and freshwater fishing with several hunting permits.
    • Annual: $80.50
  • Resident 64+ Silver Sportsman's License: For seniors, includes hunting and freshwater fishing with permits.
    • Annual: $13.50
    • 5-Year: $67.50
  • Annual Hunting License:
    • Annual: $17.00
    • 5-Year: $79.00
  • Youth Hunting License: For certified hunters aged 8-15 until age 17.
    • Annual: $17.00
  • Hunting/Freshwater Fishing Combination License:
    • Annual: $32.50
  • Hunting/Freshwater/Saltwater Fishing Combination License:
    • Annual: $48.00

Complimentary Licenses

  • Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting/Fishing License: No cost; includes eligibility for various licenses and permits. See for information.
  • Florida Resident 65+ Hunting and Fishing License: No cost; for seniors.

These licenses cater to a wide range of individuals from youths to seniors, including discounted options for military personnel. They cover an array of outdoor recreational activities, ensuring that residents have the appropriate permissions for legal hunting and angling experiences in Florida.

Florida Nonresident Hunting License Fees

Nonresident Hunting License Options

  • Nonresident Annual Hunting License:
    • Annual Fee: $151.50
  • Nonresident 10-Day Hunting License:
    • Valid for 10 consecutive days
    • Fee: $46.50

Nonresidents of Florida can choose between an annual license for extended hunting trips or a short-term option tailored for brief visits. These licenses allow nonresident hunters to legally partake in hunting activities across the state of Florida.

Florida Hunting Permits and Related Licenses Costs

Permits Available to Residents and Nonresidents

  • Management Area Permit:
    • Annual: $26.50
    • 5-Year (Residents Only): $126.50
  • Deer Permit:
    • Annual: $5.00
    • 5-Year (Residents Only): $25.00
  • Archery Season Permit:
    • Annual: $5.00
    • 5-Year (Residents Only): $25.00
  • Crossbow Season Permit:
    • Annual: $5.00
    • 5-Year (Residents Only): $25.00
  • Muzzleloading Gun Season Permit:
    • Annual: $5.00
    • 5-Year (Residents Only): $25.00
  • Turkey Permit:
    • Resident Annual: $10.00
    • Resident 5-Year: $50.00
    • Nonresident Annual: $125.00
  • Florida Waterfowl Permit:
    • Annual: $5.00
    • 5-Year (Residents Only): $25.00

Non-cost and Federal Permits

  • Migratory Bird Permit:
    • Valid September 1 – March 31
    • No Cost
  • Federal Duck Stamp:
    • Valid July 1 – June 30
    • Annual: $28.50

License Specific to Trapping

  • Furbearer Trapping License:
    • Annual: $26.50

Florida offers various specific permits for hunting different species and during distinct seasons. While some permits are available only on an annual basis, many offer a 5-year option for residents that provide a long-term solution at a reduced average annual cost. Migratory Bird Permits are available at no charge, and Federal Duck Stamps are required for hunting certain waterfowl species.

Florida Lifetime Licenses Information

Benefits of Lifetime Licenses

  • Statewide Validity: Lifetime Licenses remain valid even if the holder moves out of state.
  • Conservation Contribution: Sales revenue contributes to an endowment for Florida’s fish and wildlife conservation.
  • Future Exemption: Lifetime license holders may be exempt from future licenses/permits or associated fees.

Lifetime Sportsman’s License

Includes numerous hunting and fishing permits:

  • Children aged 4 and under: $401.50
  • Aged 5 to 12 years: $701.50
  • Aged 13 years and older: $1,001.50

Lifetime Hunting License

Includes key hunting permits:

  • Children aged 4 and under: $201.50
  • Aged 5 to 12 years: $351.50
  • Aged 13 years and older: $501.50

Lifetime Licenses are exclusively available to Florida residents and offer a lasting investment in the state's rich hunting and fishing heritage, ensuring enthusiasts can continue to enjoy their passions for life.

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