Georgia Hunting Baiting Regulations

Baiting Regulations


Baiting involves using substances like corn, wheat, grains, salts, and apples as a lure for game animals and birds.


It is illegal to:

  • Hunt game (excluding specified exceptions) or game birds within 200 yards of bait.
  • Hunt an area within 10 days after all bait is removed.
  • Hunt game or feral hogs over bait, or bait an area, on State or Federal lands.
  • Place bait in a way that restricts hunting on neighboring lands.
  • Hunt big game (except deer) over bait; violators may face fines up to $5,000 or imprisonment up to 12 months.


  • Deer and feral hogs can be hunted over bait on private property with written landowner permission.
  • Baiting deer or hogs can render a property un-huntable for other species.


Hunters should communicate with others who may hunt different species in or around areas where deer or hog baiting is planned.

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