Georgia Hunting License and Permit Costs and Fees

Georgia Hunting and Fishing License Fees

Combo Hunting & Fishing Licenses

  • Annual Resident: $30.00
  • Annual Non-Resident: $150.00
  • One-Day Resident: $5.00
  • One-Day Non-Resident: $30.00
  • Additional Day Resident: $1.00
  • Additional Day Non-Resident: $10.00

Apprentice Hunting & Fishing License

  • One-Day Resident: $5.00
  • One-Day Non-Resident: $30.00
  • Additional Day Resident: $1.00
  • Additional Day Non-Resident: $10.00

Hunting Licenses

  • Annual Resident (Ages 16-64): $15.00
  • Annual Non-Resident: $100.00
  • One-Day Non-Resident: $20.00
  • Additional Day Non-Resident: $6.00
  • Annual Senior Sportsman's (Age 65+): $7.00 (Resident Only)

Big Game Licenses

  • Annual Resident: $25.00
  • Annual Non-Resident: $225.00
  • One-Day Resident: $10.00
  • One-Day Non-Resident: $130.00
  • Additional Day Resident: $2.00
  • Additional Day Non-Resident: $8.00

Harvest Record

  • Annual for Alligator, Bear, Deer, and turkey: FREE for Residents and Non-Residents

Special Permits

  • Quota Alligator Harvest Permit: Seasonal Resident $75.00 / Non-Resident $250.00
  • Trapping License: Seasonal Resident $40.00 / Non-Resident $325.00
  • Shooting Preserve License: Two-Year Resident and Non-Resident $12.00
  • GA Waterfowl and Migratory Bird License: Annual Resident and Non-Resident $5.00
  • Disability Hunting License: Annual Resident $3.00 / Three-Year Resident $9.00

Fishing Licenses

  • Annual Resident (Ages 16-64): $15.00
  • Annual Non-Resident: $50.00
  • One-Day Non-Resident: $10.00
  • Additional Day Non-Resident: $3.50
  • Optional Youth Fishing License (Ages 12-15): Multi-Year Resident $10.00
  • Annual Senior Sportsman's (Age 65+): $7.00 (Resident Only)

Trout Licenses

  • Annual Resident: $10.00
  • Annual Non-Resident: $25.00
  • One-Day Resident: $5.00
  • One-Day Non-Resident: $10.00
  • Additional Day Resident: $1.00
  • Additional Day Non-Resident: $2.00

SIP Permit

  • Annual Saltwater Information Program: FREE for Residents and Non-Residents

Commercial Licenses

  • Commercial Fishing License: Seasonal Resident $20.00 / Non-Resident $200.00
  • Disability Fishing License: Annual Resident $3.00 / Three-Year Resident $9.00

Public Land Access

  • Georgia Lands Pass: Annual Resident $30.00 / Non-Resident $60.00


  • Quota Alligator Harvest Permits are complimentary for select Lifetime and Disability License holders chosen for a hunt.
  • Non-resident trappers must provide a bond - refer to for specifics.
  • Complimentary GA Waterfowl and Migratory Bird License for qualifying landowners and Sportsman’s License holders.
  • The multi-year Youth License benefits extend until the holder's 17th birthday.
  • Additional Days for a license can stack consecutively for up to 11 days.

Sportsman’s License Fees for Georgia

Standard Sportsman’s Licenses

  • Annual Resident (Ages 16-64): $65.00
  • Annual Non-Resident: $400.00
  • One-Day Resident: $25.00
  • One-Day Non-Resident: $170.00
  • Additional Day Resident: $3.00
  • Additional Day Non-Resident: $20.00

Youth Sportsman’s Licenses

  • Multi-Year Resident Youth (Ages 15 and under): $15.00
  • Annual Non-Resident Youth (Ages 15 and under): $50.00

Senior Sportsman’s Licenses

  • Annual Resident Senior (Age 65+): $7.00

Honorary Licenses

  • One-Time Honorary Veteran’s License (First Year Free for Qualifying Veterans): FREE for Residents

Disability Sportsman’s Licenses

  • Annual Disability License: $5.00 (Resident Only)
  • Three-Year Disability License: $15.00 (Resident Only)

Special Notes:

  • Resident Youth Sportsman’s License benefits continue until one's 17th birthday.
  • No analogous options are provided for non-resident seniors or those eligible for honorary veterans and disability licenses.

Lifetime License Fees in Georgia

  1. Infant Lifetime Sportsman's License (Under 2 years)

    • Resident: $500.00
    • Non-Resident: $500.00
  2. Youth Lifetime Sportsman's License (Ages 2-15)

    • Resident: $600.00
  3. Adult Lifetime Sportsman's License (Ages 16-49)

    • Resident: $750.00
  4. Older Adult Lifetime Sportsman's License (Ages 50-59)

    • Resident: $375.00
  5. Senior Discount Lifetime Sportsman's License (Ages 60-64)

    • Resident: $315.00
  6. Senior Lifetime Sportsman's License (Ages 65+)

    • Resident: $70.00
  7. Senior Lifetime Hunting License (Ages 65+)

    • Resident: $35.00
  8. Senior Lifetime Fishing License (Ages 65+)

    • Resident: $35.00
  9. Free Senior Lifetime Sportsman's License (Born on or before June 30, 1952)

    • See Hunting Licenses for specific details
  10. Military and Veterans Lifetime Sportsman's License

  • Resident and Non-Resident: $600.00
  1. Non-Resident Grandchild Lifetime Sportsman's License (Ages 2-15)
  • Resident: $1,500.00
  1. Shooting Preserve Lifetime License
  • Resident and Non-Resident: $75.00


  • The multi-year resident Youth License is valid until the holder's 17th birthday.
  • Additional days can be added for up to 11 consecutive days.

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