Georgia Mobility-Impaired Hunts

Georgia Mobility-Impaired Hunting Opportunities

Deer Hunts for Mobility-Impaired Hunters

Specialized hunts designed to cater to the needs of hunters with mobility impairments:

  • Albany Nursery WMA:
    • Deer Hunt Dates: Oct. 26-29, Nov. 23-26
  • Arrowhead WMA:
    • Deer/Bear Hunt Dates: Nov. 1-15
  • Carters Lake WMA:
    • Deer/Bear Hunt Dates: Nov. 3-5 (b indicates open to mobility-impaired hunters)
  • Okefenokee NWR - Suwanee Canal Unit:
    • Deer Hunt Dates: Oct. 20-21 (Quota of 10 mobility-impaired hunters)
  • Piedmont NWR:
    • Deer Hunt Dates: Oct. 14-15 (Quota of 25 mobility-impaired hunters)
  • Richard B. Russell State Park:
    • Deer Hunt Dates: Dec. 5-6 (Quota of 20 mobility-impaired hunters)
  • River Bend WMA:
    • Deer Hunt Dates: Sept. 30-Oct. 1

Turkey Hunts for Mobility-Impaired Hunters

Hunts specifically for turkey tailored for individuals with mobility impairments:

  • Albany Nursery WMA:
    • Turkey Hunt Dates:
      • Q1 Apr. 13-17
      • Q1 Apr. 27-May 1 (Q1 indicates a quota hunt for the 1st period)
  • Arrowhead WMA:
    • Turkey Hunt Dates: Apr. 6-12

These hunts are specifically structured to provide accessible hunting experiences to those with physical limitations, ensuring the opportunity for all hunters to participate in the sport. Hunters must abide by the WMA regulations and should ensure that they have the necessary permits and adhere to the quota limitations where applicable.

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