Idaho Deer Hunting Season Dates and Regulations

2023 General Any Weapon Deer Hunting Seasons and Restrictions

Unit-Specific Seasons and Conditions for Deer Hunting

  • Units 1, 2, 3, 4A, 5, 6:

    • Antlered: Oct 10 - Dec 1 (White-tailed deer only)
    • Antlerless: Nov 1 - Nov 14 (White-tailed deer or Mule deer)
    • Note: Refer to note 1 for additional information.
  • Units 4, 7, 9:

    • Antlered: Oct 10 - Oct 31 (White-tailed deer only)
    • Antlerless: Oct 10 - Nov 9 (White-tailed deer only)
  • Units 8, 8A, 10, 10A, 12, 15, 16, 19A, 25, 30A, among others:

    • Specific openings for antlered and antlerless seasons are outlined, some with very limited access due to private property and youth-only hunts.
  • Units with Motorized Hunting Rule Applies:

    • This regulation impacts units such as 29, 30, 36A, & 37A, 32, 49, and 52A.

Special Weapon Restrictions

  • Short-range weapons only in select areas such as C.J. Strike, Chester Wetlands, Payette River, Montour Wildlife Management Areas, and Pahsimeroi Access Area.
  • Certain units like 60A and 67 have specific short-range weapon mandates in designated portions of the area.

Important Notes

  1. Unit 13 access is heavily limited by private property and scarce roads.
  2. Short-range weapon requirements exist for multiple units during certain periods within specific boundaries.
  3. Refer to notes for Youth-only hunts and Motorized Hunting Rule applicability.
  4. Hunters must be alert to restrictions on short-range weapons especially on Snake River islands and delineated portions of certain units.
  5. Special consideration for Unit 60A south and east of the North Fork Snake River, and within a mile north and west of it.
  6. In Unit 67, short-range weapon limitations apply to the area south and west of State Highway 26.

For comprehensive information and details on the specific deer hunting seasons, bag limits, or exemptions, contact Idaho Fish and Game directly or refer to the official hunting guidelines issued for the current year.

2023 Archery Deer Hunting Seasons in Idaho

General Archery Only Seasons with Mandatory Archery Permit

Archery Seasons for White-tailed Deer

  • Units 1, 3, 4, 4A, 5, 6, 7, 9:

    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Sep 30; Dec 10 - Dec 24
  • Unit 2:

    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Sep 30; Nov 1 - Dec 1; Dec 10 - Dec 24
    • Notes: Refer to notes 1 and 2 for detailed regulations.
  • Unit 8:

    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Sep 30
    • Note: Limited access due to private property.

Wider Archery Season Coverage

  • Additional Units Including 8A, 10, 10A, 12, to 66A, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 78:

    • Seasons for antlered and antlerless hunting span Aug 30 - Sep 30, with variances in some units for duration and restrictions on motorized hunting rules.
  • Units with Specific Restrictions:

    • Motorized Hunting Rule applies to units such as 29, 30, 30A, 32, 32A, 36A, 37, 37A, 47, 49, 52A, 56, 66, and 69.
  • Unit 15:

    • Mandatory Chronic Wasting Disease testing requirement during the season from Aug 30 - Sep 30 for antlered and antlerless.
  • Units with Special Antler Restrictions or Season Extensions:

    • Units like 22, 40, 41, and 42 have archery seasons catering to 2-point deer only, from Aug 30 - Sep 30.
    • Extended seasons for white-tailed deer in certain units lead into December.

Notes for Hunting Restrictions and Special Conditions

  1. Unit 2 specifies additional details on white-tailed deer hunting in notes 1 and 2.
  2. Motorized hunting rule restrictions are highlighted for certain units, emphasizing transport methods within designated hunting grounds.
  3. Unit 38 has considerations outlined in note 3.
  4. Unit 39 advises on partial closures with further guidance found in notes 4 and 5.

For a comprehensive understanding of zone-specific seasons, special tagging requirements, or other key hunting provisions, hunters are encouraged to consult the Idaho Fish and Game regional offices or the official state hunting regulations for the most current and relevant information.

2023 Muzzleloader Deer Hunting Seasons in Idaho

Specific Seasons and Regulations for Muzzleloader Hunting

Muzzleloader Permit Necessity

All hunters participating in muzzleloader-only seasons must possess a valid muzzleloader permit alongside their hunting license.

Units with Mixed Deer Species Seasons

  • Units 4, 7, 9:
    • Antlered: Nov 10 - Nov 14 (Permits hunting for both White-tailed deer and Mule deer)
    • Antlerless: Nov 10 - Dec 1 (Restricted to White-tailed deer only)

Additionally, from Nov 15 - Dec 1, only antlerless White-tailed deer may be taken in these units.

Unit-Exclusive Antlerless Season

  • Unit 39:
    • There is no antlered season; only antlerless hunting is permitted and the designated season runs from Sep 8 - Sep 30.

Important Details and Considerations

Seasons explicitly cater to hunters using muzzleloading firearms, providing a traditional hunting experience. Those interested should familiarize themselves with all muzzleloader-specific regulations, season dates, and potential unit restrictions before heading into the field. For further clarification or updates on hunting regulations, prospective hunters should contact Idaho Fish and Game authorities or consult the official hunting proclamations.

2023 Short Range Weapon Deer Hunting Seasons in Idaho

Short Range Weapon Specific Seasons and Access Limitations

Permitted Hunting Dates and Unit Restrictions

  • Unit 38:

    • Antlered: Oct 10 - Oct 31
    • Antlerless: Oct 10 - Nov 24
    • Note: Access is highly limited; reference note 3 for Lake Lowell Sector restrictions.
  • Unit 53:

    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Nov 6
    • Attention: Regulations apply to specific portions of the unit; motorized hunting rules are in effect, and further details are outlined in note 6.
  • Unit 63:

    • Antlered: Oct 10 - Oct 24
    • Antlerless: No season

Key Notes and Cautions

  1. Farragut State Park and Farragut Wildlife Management Area are excluded from hunting.
  2. Note 3 elaborates on the controlled hunt in the Lake Lowell Sector.
  3. In Unit 38, archery hunters should be wary of concurrent "any weapon" elk seasons.
  4. A portion of Unit 39 in Ada County is closed, with additional closures within a specified boundary detailed in note 5.
  5. Unit 53 has geographical boundaries west of U.S. Highway 93 and special implications for Unit 45 south of Interstate 84. Changes in Highway 93 affect the eastern boundary for Unit 53 short-range weapons hunt. Controlled hunt intricacies for Units 45 and 53 should be reviewed before engagement.

Hunters using short-range weapons need to observe the specified hunting dates, unit boundaries, and vehicle restrictions. They must also be cognizant of area closures and overlapping hunts that may influence their planned activities. For a thorough understanding of the short-range weapon deer seasons, interested parties are encouraged to consult the latest information provided by Idaho Fish and Game.

2023 General Any Weapon Seasons for White-tailed Deer in Idaho

Unit-Based Hunting Timeframes and Notes

Units with Extended Seasons

  • Units 1, 2, 3, 4A, 5, 6, 8, 8A, 11, 10, 10A, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19A, 23, 16A, 17, 19, 20, 20A, 26, 27:
    • Antlered & Antlerless: Various extended dates in October to November, specific to each unit.
    • Note: Access limitations due to private property and road availability; Chronic Wasting Disease testing requirements in select units.

Units with Youth-Only Hunts

  • Units 21, 21A, 28, 36B, 29, 30, 30A, 36A, 37, 37A:
    • Antlered & Antlerless: Oct 10 - Oct 31
    • Note: Hunting is exclusive to youth; access is very limited.

Short-Range Weapon-Specific Zones

  • Units 24, 31, 32, 32A, 33, 34, 35, 39, 40, 41, 43, 46, 50, 51, 58, 59, 59A:
    • Antlered: Designated October days
    • Antlerless: Various October to December dates
    • Note: Motorized Hunting Rules apply in some units; certain areas require short-range weapons only.

Unit-Specific Details and Restriction Notes

  • Units 22, 25, 62, 64, 65, 66, 69, 67:
    • Seasons listed with particular mentions of motorized hunting rules and weapon restrictions.

Essential Notes to Consider for Hunting

  1. Specific closures in areas such as Farragut State Park and Farragut Wildlife Management Area.
  2. Weapon restrictions apply to particular locations including C.J. Strike, Chester Wetlands, and Payette River areas.
  3. Unit 24 has demarcated areas for short-range weapon use carefully delineated based on local road mapping.
  4. Snake River islands have exclusive rules relating to weapon types permissible during hunting.
  5. Hunting with short-range weapons in parts of Unit 60A follows specified geographical restrictions.
  6. Short-range weapon hunting in Unit 67 is dictated by boundaries relative to State Highway 26.

For precise, extended information on individual units' hunting season dates, weapon restrictions, and any adjustments to hunting rules, hunters should consult official Idaho Fish and Game resources or their latest publications.

2023 Archery Seasons for White-tailed Deer in Idaho

Season Dates and Restrictions for Archery Hunters

Extended Archery Opportunities

  • Units 1, 3, 4, 4A, 5, 6, 7, 9:

    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Sep 30; Dec 10 - Dec 24
  • Unit 2:

    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Sep 30; Nov 1 - Dec 1; Dec 10 - Dec 24
    • Notes: See notes 1 and 2 related to these specific periods.

Additional Units with Archery Seasons

  • Units 8, 11A, 8A, 19A, 21, 21A, among others:

    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Sep 30
    • Certain units have limited access due to private property.
  • Units with Motorized Hunting Restrictions:

    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Sep 30 in Units 29, 30, 30A, 32, 32A, 36A, 37, 37A, 50, 51, 58, 59, and 59A.

Special Considerations and Regulations

  • Unit 15:

    • Chronic Wasting Disease testing is mandatory.
    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Sep 30; Dec 5 - Dec 20
  • Units with Particular Restrictions:

    • Unit 28: Designated season with very limited access.
    • Unit 39: Portions closed and specific cautions for archers during "any weapon" hunt overlap.
    • Notes 3, 4, and 5 provide detailed information about Unit 38 limitations and Unit 39 closures.

Units with Unique Archery Season Dates

  • Units 40, 41:
    • 2-point deer only: Aug 30 - Sep 30
  • Units 60A, 62, 63, 63A, 64, 65, 66, 67, 69:
    • Antlered & Antlerless: Aug 30 - Sep 30; Nov 1 - Dec 19 with motorized hunting restrictions in Units 66 & 69.

Important Specific Notes for Archery Hunting

  1. No hunting in Farragut State Park and Wildlife Management Area.
  2. Mandated short-range weapon use in designated areas or during certain controlled hunts.
  3. Unit 38 has parts included in the Lake Lowell Sector of the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge controlled hunt only.
  4. Hunters in Unit 39 should take heed of concurrent "any weapon" hunts and be aware of closed areas in Ada County.
  5. A detailed boundary description is provided for a closed section within Unit 39.

For a full understanding of specific requirements, archery hunters should review Idaho Fish and Game regulations, consult regional offices, or access the latest guidance to ensure compliance with all archery season rules and restrictions.

2023 Muzzleloader-Only White-tailed Deer Hunting in Idaho

Season Details and Permit Requirements

Muzzleloader Season Dates for Specific Units

  • Units 4, 7, 9:

    • Antlered: Nov 10 - Dec 1
    • Antlerless: Nov 10 - Dec 1
  • Unit 8A:

    • Antlered: No season
    • Antlerless: Dec 2 - Dec 14
  • Unit 10A:

    • Antlered: No season
    • Antlerless: Nov 21 - Dec 1
    • Note: A second Resident/Nonresident (RES-NONRES) white-tailed deer tag cannot be used in Unit 10A.
  • Unit 16:

    • Antlered: Nov 21 - Dec 9
    • Antlerless: Nov 21 - Dec 9

Permit Stipulations

All participating hunters must have a muzzleloader permit to legally hunt during the muzzleloader-only seasons.

These dates provide a specific window for hunters to engage in traditional muzzleloader hunting practices. For complete guidelines on permissible equipment and further season specifications, individuals should refer to Idaho Fish and Game's official publications or contact their regional offices.

2023 Short Range Weapon Seasons for White-tailed Deer in Idaho

Seasonal Access and Special Conditions for Units

Limited Access Units with Motorized Hunting Restrictions

  • Units 21, 21A, 28, 29, 30, 30A, 36A, 36B, 37, 37A:
    • Antlered: Nov 10 - Dec 9
    • Antlerless: Nov 10 - Dec 31
    • Note: Access is very limited; motorized hunting restrictions apply to Units 29, 30, 30A, 36A, 37 & 37A.

Unit with Controlled Hunt Area

  • Unit 38:
    • Antlered: Oct 10 - Oct 31
    • Antlerless: Oct 10 - Nov 24
    • Note 1: Short-range weapons only; Lake Lowell Sector within the unit is reserved for controlled hunts only.

Youth-Exclusive Hunts

  • Unit 63:

    • Antlered & Antlerless: Oct 10 - Oct 31 (Youth hunt only)
  • Unit 63A:

    • Antlered: Oct 21 - Oct 31
    • Antlerless: Oct 10 - Oct 20 (Youth hunt only)

Key Note

  1. Hunters must utilize short-range weapons within Unit 38 and comply with restrictions surrounding the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge.

For a detailed exploration of hunting regulations, including weapon restrictions and precise hunting zone descriptions, those interested should turn to Idaho Fish and Game's official resources, ensuring a legally compliant and successful hunting season.

2023 Idaho Controlled White-tailed Deer Hunts for Antlered Deer

Controlled Hunt Numbers, Areas, and Specific Details

Units with Various Season Dates and Additional Information

  • Hunt Nos. 1001 - 1059: Covering diverse units from 1-1a to 78, specifying individual tag allocations and season durations ranging from August to December, with variations for specific units.

Key Notes Across Controlled Hunts

  • Mule Deer Specific Hunts: Many hunts, such as Hunt Nos. 1002 - 1006 and others are exclusively for antlered mule deer.
  • Access Limitations: Several areas, for example, 11A and 13, highlight limited accessibility due to private properties.
  • Chronic Wasting Disease Testing: Required in certain hunts like Nos. 1007 and 1008.

Motorized Hunting Rule Application

  • Where It Applies: Numerous units such as 30, 30A, 36A, 37A, among others, impose motorized hunting rules.
  • Related Hunts: Hunt Nos. 1020, 1021, 1026, 1040, and more mention the rule.

Controlled Hunt Restrictions

  • Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge: Specific hunts are designated in this area, which comes with unique hunting requirements as seen in Hunt Nos. 1028 and others.
  • Short-Range Weapon Only Hunts: Some controlled hunts like No. 1029 require short-range weapons.

Exclusive Archery Hunts and Unlimited Tags

  • Select Hunts for Archers Only: Hunt Nos. 1056 and 1059 indicate archery-only seasons in units 70 and 78.
  • Unlimited Controlled Hunts: Notable for their "first choice only" aspect and nonresident tag limits (Hunt No. 1018, 73, etc.).

Specific Notes and References for Controlled Hunts

  1. Decoy restrictions apply in given units with short-range weapon requirements during the hunting season.
  2. Consult specific pages mentioned for additional guidelines for units where Motorized Hunting Rules affect hunting strategies.
  3. Page references include 104 - 106 for further information on motorized hunting areas and other special rules.
  4. Note 4 provides details for short-range weapon rules in Unit 67.

For further details on controlled hunts, tag allocations, season dates, and specific unit restrictions or conditions, prospective hunters must review the official Idaho Fish and Game documents or contact Fish and Game offices directly. Hunters applying for controlled hunts need to carefully review all notes and regulations before making hunt choices.

2023 Idaho Controlled Hunts for Antlerless Deer

Antlerless Deer Controlled Hunt Details

Specific Hunts with Tag Allocations and Season Dates

  • Hunt No. 1060:

    • Area: 44
    • Tags: 250
    • Season Dates: Oct 10 - Nov 10
  • Hunt No. 1061:

    • Area: 45
    • Tags: 250
    • Season Dates: Nov 1 - Nov 10
    • Notes: Refer to note 1 on Page 27. The Motorized Hunting Rule is in effect.
  • Hunt No. 1062:

    • Area: 52
    • Tags: 100
    • Season Dates: Oct 10 - Oct 31
    • Notes: The Motorized Hunting Rule applies.
  • Hunt No. 1063:

    • Area: 55
    • Tags: 100
    • Season Dates: Nov 1 - Nov 14
    • Additional Info: Specific page reference provided (Page 31) for details.

Important Additional Information

  • Hunt No. 1064: The previously listed hunt has been eliminated and is no longer valid for the 2023 season.

Notes for Hunters

  1. Motorized Hunting Rule: Specifies additional restrictions on transport methods while hunting. Hunters must ensure they adhere to these rules within the controlled hunt areas where the regulation is applied.

For precise information on controlled hunts for antlerless deer, hunters should consult the specified page references in the Idaho Fish and Game documents or reach out to Fish and Game offices to clarify any questions regarding the hunts, particularly where special rules like the Motorized Hunting Rule are in effect.

2023 Idaho Controlled Hunts for Either Sex Deer

Controlled Hunts Including Both Antlered and Antlerless Tags

Hunts with Specific Tag Numbers, Season Dates, and Restrictions

  • Hunt No. 1065:

    • Area: 8A
    • Tags: 50
    • Season Dates: Dec 2 - Dec 20
    • Notes: Permitted for archery or muzzleloader hunters only. Exclusive to white-tailed deer.
  • Hunt No. 1066:

    • Area: 10A
    • Tags: 50
    • Season Dates: Nov 21 - Dec 20
    • Notes: Archery or muzzleloader use only. White-tailed deer only.
  • Hunt No. 1067:

    • Area: 39-1a
    • Tags: 2,000
    • Season Dates: Oct 10 - Oct 31
    • Additional Info: For further details, see page 31.
  • Hunt No. 1068:

    • Area: 60-2a
    • Tags: 125
    • Season Dates: Oct 5 - Nov 8
    • Notes: Specific considerations noted on page 31.
  • Hunt No. 1069:

    • Area: 63A
    • Tags: 50
    • Season Dates: Oct 5 - Nov 15
    • Notes: Reserved for mule deer. Hunters are required to use short-range weapons.
  • Hunt No. 1070:

    • Area: 73
    • Tags: 40
    • Season Dates: Oct 10 - Oct 31
    • Notes: The Motorized Hunting Rule is in place.

Noteworthy Restrictions and Additional Considerations

  1. Motorized Hunting Rule definition and application: This regulation restricts the use of motor vehicles for hunting in certain areas, ensuring hunters are aware of the possible mobility limitations and preparing accordingly.

Hunters interested in sex deer hunts must meticulously review the Idaho Fish and Game announcements for the most current controlled hunt information, as well as any specific notes and restrictions that are applicable. The page references provided should be consulted for comprehensive details about each controlled hunt area.

2023 Archery-Only Deer Hunts in Idaho

Controlled Hunts Restricted to Archery with Permit Requirements

Dedicated Archery Hunts with Varying Tag Availability

  • Hunt No. 1071:

    • Area: 11A
    • Tags: 75
    • Season Dates: Aug 30 - Sep 30
    • Notes: Either sex. Limited access due to few roads. Additional antlered-only hunt from Aug 1 - Sep 30 in areas with Motorized Hunting Rule.
  • Hunt No. 1072:

    • Area: 21-1a
    • Season Dates: Aug 1 - Sep 30
    • Notes: Antlered only. For details, see page 30.

Archery Hunts Across Multiple Units with Specific Conditions

  • Hunt Nos. 1073 - 1085: Include controlled areas ranging from Units 22 to 72-1a, with season dates spanning from mid-August to mid-December, depending on the specific hunt number.

  • Hunt No. 1074:

    • Area: 39-2b
    • Tags: 60
    • Season Dates: Nov 16 - Dec 16
    • Notes: Either sex. Roads on Boise River WMA are closed to motorized travel - refer to page 31 for details.
  • Hunt No. 1081:

    • Area: 53-1b
    • Tags: Unlimited
    • Season Dates: Aug 30 - Dec 19
    • Notes: Antlered only with Motorized Hunting Rule in effect.

Unlimited Tag Hunts and Special Restrictions

  • Hunt Nos. 1083, 1084, and 1085: Offering unlimited tags for either sex or antlered-only hunts, subject to "first choice only" constraints.

  • Note on Motorized Hunting: Several hunts, such as Nos. 1075, 1079, 1080, 1081, 1082, and others, specify the Motorized Hunting Rule's application, which limits the hunting methods permissible in those respective units.

Key Information for Hunters

  • Motorized Hunting Rule Application: Pertains to several units, denoting additional means of transport restrictions for hunters within these hunts.
  • Specific Hunt Notes: Page references (e.g., pages 30, 31, 32) direct hunters to look for extra details regarding unit boundaries, specific regulations, and more nuanced descriptions.

To fully prepare, archers must reference the mentioned pages in the official Idaho Fish and Game guidelines for precise information on their hunt area restrictions and bear in mind all the necessary notes concerning archery hunts.

2023 Muzzleloader-Only Deer Hunts in Idaho

Controlled Hunts Exclusive to Muzzleloaders with Permit Mandate

Hunts with Allocated Tags, Seasons, and Restrictions

  • Hunt No. 1086:

    • Area: 21A
    • Tags: 5
    • Season Dates: Nov 1 - Nov 30
    • Notes: Antlered only.
  • Hunt No. 1087:

    • Area: 22
    • Tags: 15
    • Season Dates: Oct 1 - Oct 9
    • Notes: Antlered only.

Additional Muzzleloader Hunts with Defined Conditions

  • Hunt Nos. 1088 - 1100: Spanning various areas such as 29-1a to 74, with tag limits and specific season dates, mostly in November.

  • Hunt No. 1088:

    • Area: 29-1a
    • Tags: 63
    • Season Dates: Nov 25 - Dec 9
    • Notes: Antlered only; Motorized Hunting Rule in effect. For details, see page 30.
  • Hunt No. 1090:

    • Area: 33-1a
    • Tags: 150
    • Season Dates: Nov 10 - Nov 30
    • Notes: Antlered only. Refer to page 31 for full information.

Various Muzzleloader Hunt Options and Rules

  • Hunt No. 1091:

    • Area: 43
    • Tags: 125
    • Season Dates: Oct 1 - Oct 9
    • Notes: Open to either sex.
  • Unlimited Tag Hunt:

    • Hunt No. 1097 in Area 61 offers an unlimited number of tags for either sex deer from Nov 11 - Dec 9.

Motorized Hunting Rule Notes

  • Applied to several hunts like Nos. 1088, 1089, 1092, and others, indicating where the use of motor vehicles for hunting is regulated within these controlled hunt areas.

Key Notes for Muzzleloader Hunters

  • Detailed Information: Additional rules and information are provided in referenced pages (e.g., pages 30, and 31) within the official documents.
  • Either Sex or Antlered Only Hunts: Varying opportunities for deer hunting based on the specific controlled hunt number.

Muzzleloader hunters must ensure they comply with the specific hunt rules and secure the necessary permits. They should carefully review the pages referenced for each controlled hunt area for comprehensive guidance on unit restrictions, road usage rules, and Motorized Hunting Rule constraints.

2023 Youth-Only Deer Controlled Hunts in Idaho

Exclusive Youth Hunts with Special Conditions and Tag Limits

Youth Deer Hunts Offering Either Sex and Antlered/Antlerless Options

  • Hunt No. 1101:

    • Area: 11A
    • Tags: 25
    • Season Dates: Oct 10 - Dec 31
    • Notes: Either sex. Access is limited due to private property.
  • Hunt No. 1102:

    • Area: 28-1b
    • Tags: 15
    • Season Dates: Sep 15 - Oct 31
    • Notes: Either sex. Applies to a portion of the unit; consult the Hunt Planner or contact the Salmon Regional Office for a map.
  • Hunt No. 1103:

    • Area: 36B-1a
    • Tags: 15
    • Season Dates: Sep 15 - Oct 31
    • Notes: Either sex, outside National Forest Boundary, with motorized hunting regulations in Unit 37.

Hunts with Antlerless and Antlered Deer Tags Available for Youth

  • Hunt Nos. 1104 - 1109, and 1110: Different areas with a focus on antlerless or antlered deer, providing varied opportunities for young hunters.

  • Hunt No. 1105:

    • Area: 45-1a
    • Tags: 150
    • Season Dates: Nov 15 - Nov 30
    • Notes: Antlerless only; page 27 offers crucial information.

Special Motorized Hunting Rule Applications and Notes

  • Hunt Nos. 1103, 1105, 1106, and 1111: Mention the Motorized Hunting Rule, impacting the mode of transport and hunting methods within these youth hunts.

Important Specific Notes and References

  • Pages 30 and 31: Page numbers given are to guide the hunters toward detailed maps and full descriptions of the hunting boundaries and any additional requirements.

  • Note 1: Emphasizes the need to consult the specified pages or Fish and Game resources for comprehensive controlled hunt instructions and limitations.

Youth hunters and their guardians or mentors should carefully review all the associated notes and abide by the rules set forth. For extensive details on the individual controlled hunts aimed at youth, the Idaho Fish and Game's Hunt Planner or contacting regional offices directly is recommended to ensure all guidelines and restrictions are clearly understood.

2023 Youth-Only Extra Antlerless Deer Controlled Hunts in Idaho

Special Hunts for Youth Hunters with Defined Areas and Dates

Exclusive Youth Opportunities for Antlerless Deer

  • Hunt No. 1112:

    • Area: 21-1Xa
    • Tags: 75
    • Season Dates: Aug 30 - Dec 31
    • Notes: White-tailed deer only. Motorized Hunting Rule applies in Units 29, 30, & 30A. See page 30 for additional details.
  • Hunt No. 1113:

    • Area: 36A-1Xa
    • Tags: 75
    • Season Dates: Aug 30 - Dec 31
    • Notes: White-tailed deer only. Motorized Hunting Rule applies in Units 36A, 37, & 37A. Refer to page 31 for more information.

Youth Hunts in Selected Units

  • Hunt No. 1114:

    • Area: 39-1Xb
    • Tags: 70
    • Season Dates: Dec 1 - Dec 22
  • Hunt No. 1115:

    • Area: 40-1Xa
    • Tags: 100
    • Season Dates: Oct 10 - Nov 24
    • Notes: Pertains to parts of Units 40 & 41 only, with very restricted access due to terrain or other factors. Consult page 31.

Youth Hunt Specific to Private Lands

  • Hunt No. 1116:
    • Area: 73-1Xb
    • Tags: 50
    • Season Dates: Oct 10 - Oct 24
    • Notes: This hunt is exclusively for private lands. More information can be found on page 32.

Important Notes for Youth-Controlled Hunts

  • Motorized Hunting Rule: Details about transport and mobility during the hunt are laid out in the referenced Motorized Hunting Rule. Adherence to this rule is necessary in the specified units where it is enforced.

To obtain the full context of each controlled hunt's regulations, youth hunters should access the official Idaho Fish and Game publications and review the detailed information provided on the designated pages. These pages are expected to include maps, access conditions, and specific instructions that are vital for legal and successful participation in these youth hunts.

2023 Controlled Hunts for Extra-Antlered Deer in Idaho

Special Hunts Enabling Antlered Deer Harvest with Specific Requirements

Controlled Hunts with Allocated Tags and Season Lengths

  • Hunt No. 1117 - 1135, 1136 - 1141: These hunt numbers range over various units, providing opportunities for antlered deer harvest under certain conditions, with many being white-tailed deer specific.

Hunts with Specialized Weapon Restrictions or Area Limitations

  • Hunts for Archery and Muzzleloader:

    • Include periods where only archery or muzzleloaders are permitted, as detailed for various units, some incorporating an archery-only phase followed by a muzzleloader-only phase.
    • Hunts span over different season lengths from August through December.
  • Motorized Hunting Rule and Private Land Designations:

    • Specific hunts like Nos. 1136, 1138, and 1141 incorporate motorized hunting restrictions and are exclusive to private lands.

Notable Chronic Wasting Disease Testing Requirement and Area Conditions

  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Testing Required:
    • Hunts Nos. 1117, 1118, 1124, and 1125 in unit 14, as well as others, necessitate CWD testing.
  • Limited Access Considerations and National Wildlife Refuge Requirements:
    • Some hunts, such as No. 1140 in area 68AX, indicate very limited access.
    • Hunts Nos. 1132 - 1135 in unit 38 are specific to the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge and entail additional considerations before application.

Specific Hunt Notes for Hunters’ Reference

  • Short Range Restrictions: 
    • Applicable in specific Wildlife Management Areas, as well as all of Units 63 and 63A, and portions of Unit 60A.
  • Archery and Short-Range Weapon Hunts:
    • Include additional options for hunters using these types of equipment in specific areas or during certain times of the season.

Hunters are encouraged to consult the noted pages and federal refuge regulations or to contact the specified offices for comprehensive information before applying. This ensures they are informed about the unique requirements, access conditions, and any special weapon limitations applicable to these controlled hunts for extra antlered deer.

2023 Idaho Controlled Hunts for Antlered Deer with Outfitter Allocation

Outfitted Antlered Deer Hunts and Specific Arrangement Requirements

Outfitter-Specific Controlled Hunts with Season Timelines

  • Hunt Nos. 1142 - 1180: A series of hunts covering various units such as 1-1a, 11, 11A, up to Unit 78, each detailing tag allowances and season dates.

Key Information Regarding Outfitter Hunts

  • Mule Deer Focus: Several hunts emphasize hunting for mule deer only, including chronic wasting disease (CWD) testing requirements for hunts like 1146.

  • Archery and Muzzleloader Segments: Certain hunts such as No. 1151 have specific season dates dedicated to archery or muzzleloader hunting, with prerequisites like the Motorized Hunting Rule in effect for some areas.

  • Youth Hunt Option: Hunt No. 1175 in Unit 55-1a provides a dedicated slot for youth hunters only, allowing either sex to harvest during the controlled hunt.

Detailed Hunt Notes and References

  • Page References for Specific Units:
    • See pages 30 and 31 for additional information on areas like 29-1a, 33-1a, and others, where specific directions, maps, or notes relevant to the hunt are provided.
  • Motorized Hunting Rule Implication:
    • Applies to numerous hunts signifying where the use of motor vehicles during the hunting activity is regulated.

Outfitter Allocation Hunt Submission Instructions

  • Pre-Hunt Requirements:

    • Hunters must establish a written agreement with a licensed outfitter in the hunt area before applying for an outfitter-allocated controlled hunt.
    • Successful applicants are required to hunt with an outfitter licensed for the respective hunt area.
    • Outfitters are obligated to purchase and report on the use of their designated controlled hunt tags no later than September 10 or the next business day if the 10th is on a weekend.
  • Information Sharing Authorization:

    • Successful applicants agree to have their names and addresses provided to the outfitters licensed for that hunt.
  • Outfitter and Guide Licensing Board Resources:

    • For a comprehensive list of licensed outfitters, sample agreements, and further details, applicants can reach out to the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board through or by calling 208-327-7380.

Hunters aiming for an outfitter-allocated controlled hunt must ensure they comply with pre-hunt prerequisites, including having the necessary written agreements and following CWD testing protocols where applicable. It is crucial to review the specific notes associated with each hunt and acquire further guidance from the licensing board as needed.


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