Indiana Bonus Antlerless Deer Hunting Laws and Regulations

Antlerless Deer Bag Limit and Bonus Licenses

Determining Bonus Antlerless Quotas

Bonus antlerless quotas are established based on comprehensive indicators such as hunter harvest trends, deer observations, crop damage reports, deer-vehicle collision rates, and hunter satisfaction surveys at the county level. Learn more about the quota-setting process at

Bonus Antlerless Licenses

  • Limit: Hunters can purchase bonus antlerless licenses to harvest additional antlerless deer, limited to one deer per license.
  • Seasons: Bonus antlerless licenses are valid in any season except the Reduction Zone Season, utilizing legal equipment for that specific season.

County Quotas and Usage

  • County Limits: Bonus licenses can be used in any county, but hunters must not exceed the county quota for bonus antlerless deer in a specific county.
  • Map Reference: The map indicates county quotas for bonus antlerless deer. Check for detailed information.


  • DNR-managed Areas: Bonus antlerless licenses cannot be used on DNR-managed Fish & Wildlife areas but may be applicable on some other DNR properties.
  • Usage Allocation: Antlerless deer harvested with the deer license bundle contribute to both the bonus antlerless county quota and the archery and muzzleloader bag limits.

Note: Responsible hunting practices and adherence to county quotas contribute to effective deer population management.

Closure of Special Antlerless Firearms Season

2023-2024 Deer Hunting Season


  • The Special Antlerless Firearms season will not be available during the 2023-2024 deer hunting season.

Important Information:

  • Hunters are advised that the Special Antlerless Firearms season is not applicable for the specified season.
  • Please review the current deer hunting regulations and season details for alternative opportunities and applicable seasons.

Note: Understanding and adhering to the hunting season closures contribute to responsible hunting practices and effective wildlife management.

Exemption for Youth/Lifetime License Holders

Bonus Antlerless Deer License

Exemption Notice:

  • Comprehensive lifetime hunting/fishing and resident youth hunt/trap license holders are exempt from purchasing bonus antlerless deer licenses.

Important Information:

  • The bonus antlerless deer licenses are already included in the comprehensive lifetime hunting/fishing and resident youth hunt/trap licenses.

Compliance Requirements:

  • Lifetime/youth license hunters must adhere to the bonus antlerless bag limits and all other deer regulations.

Note: Understanding the exemptions and compliance requirements ensures a seamless hunting experience for lifetime and youth license holders.

Indiana Bonus Antlerless Deer Hunting Laws and Regulations

Deer Bag Limits Overview

Youth Season

  • 1 antlered deer AND the number of bonus antlerless deer per county quota.
  • Exceptions apply on some DNR properties.

Reduction Zone Season

  • 1 antlered deer (see "earn-a-buck" on Deer Regulations) AND 9 antlerless deer OR 10 antlerless deer.

Archery Season

  • 2 antlerless deer OR 1 antlered and 1 antlerless deer.

Firearms Season

  • 1 antlered deer.

Muzzleloader Season

  • 1 antlered deer OR 1 antlerless deer.

Special Antlerless Firearms Season

  • Closed in 2023-2024.

Additional Opportunities

Bonus Antlerless Deer

  • 1 antlerless deer per license not to exceed the bonus antlerless county quota.
  • Bonus deer can be taken during the archery, firearms, and muzzleloader seasons with the appropriate license.

State Park Hunts

  • 3 antlerless deer OR 2 antlerless and 1 antlered deer (reserved hunts; visit

Military/Refuge Properties (by reserved hunt drawing or invitation only)

  • 1 deer of either sex per Military/Refuge Deer License.

Important Note:

  • Only 1 antlered deer per hunter may be taken during the youth, archery, firearms, and muzzleloader seasons combined.
  • A separate deer license is required prior to taking each deer (exceptions: deer license bundle, youth hunt/trap, lifetime license, landowner exemption).
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