Indiana DNR Wildlife Biologists

DNR Wildlife Biologists: Your Local Contacts

Explore the wealth of knowledge and assistance provided by Indiana DNR Wildlife Biologists across different districts. Connect with our experts to enhance your wildlife experience.

Indiana DNR Wildlife Biologists

District 1

Mike Mycroft

  • Address: 4112 E. SR 225, West Lafayette, IN 47906
  • Contact: 765-320-0516 |

District 2

Tony Carroll

  • Address: 4320 W. Toto Road, North Judson, IN 46366
  • Contact: 574-896-3522 |

District 3

Lance Tresenriter

District 4

Kent Hanauer

District 5

Morgan Oberly

District 6

Travis Stoelting

District 7

Shannon Winks

  • Address: 4931 S. CR 250 W., Vallonia, IN 47281
  • Contact: 812-358-2253 |

District 8

Bridget Sargent

North Urban

Jessica Merkling

  • Address: 1353 S. Governors Drive, Columbia City, IN 46725
  • Contact: 260-244-6805 |

How Wildlife Biologists Can Assist You:

  1. Wildlife Habitat Improvements:

    • Receive guidance on enhancing wildlife habitats on your private lands.
  2. Living and Interacting with Wildlife:

    • Seek assistance in coexisting harmoniously with the diverse wildlife around you.

For additional information and valuable resources, explore Our wildlife biologists are here to make your interaction with nature more enriching and enjoyable.

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