Louisiana Deer Hunting Laws and Regulations

Deer Tagging Requirements and Procedures

Mandatory Deer Tags

  • Every hunter must secure carcass or electronic tags before hunting deer.
  • Hunters must keep tags on their person while hunting.
  • Tags are non-transferable and exclusively for the individual to whom they are issued.

Immediate Deer Tagging Process

  1. Tag before moving the deer from the harvest site.
  2. Record date of kill on the tag or report electronically.
  3. Note the date and parish of kill on the carcass tag or electronically.
  4. Tags must stay attached while at camp or during transportation to a residence or storage facility.

Possession and Validation

  • Adhere to resident game possession tag regulations if meat is kept at camp.
  • Validate harvest within 72 hours through:
    • Text-to-tag
    • LDWF web portal or via LA Wallet
    • Validation toll-free number: 225-267-9998
    • Validation website:

Special Note for DMAP Lands

  • Follow specific instructions provided by LDWF for deer harvested on DMAP lands.

Lost Tags Replacement

  • Free reprint available online at
  • $2 fee for duplicates at retail locations.
  • Discard duplicates equivalent to already validated tags.
  • Record validated deer on the duplicate license.

Louisiana Deer Hunting License Requirements and Definitions

License and Tag Requirements

  • Basic Hunting License, Deer License, and Deer Tags:
    • Mandatory for all hunters 18+.
  • Youth Hunting License and Deer Tags:
    • Mandatory for all hunters 17 and under.
  • Senior Hunting & Fishing License:
    • $5.00 for residents aged 60, who turned 60 between June 1, 2000, and May 31, 2022.

Key Definitions

  • Either-sex: May be antlered or antlerless deer.
  • Still Hunting: Involves stalking or stationary stand hunting, excluding the use of dogs.
  • Antlered Deer: Must have at least one visible antler of hardened bony material, naturally broken through the skin.

Daily Bag Limit

  • One antlered and one antlerless deer per day, barring exceptions
  • Exclusions:
    • Bucks Only season
    • Floy Ward McElroy WMA
    • Specific Federal Lands (with a limit of one deer per day, details in Federal Lands Regulations)

Season Limit

Season limit is six, not to exceed three antlered OR four antlerless deer, EXCEPT Deer Area 4 season limit is three (not to exceed two antlered or two antlerless deer), and EXCEPT Deer Area 10 season limit is three (not to exceed two antlered or two antlerless deer). Deer harvested on property enrolled in DMAP may not count in the season or daily bag limit for hunters.

Prohibited Activities

(In addition to those listed under Archery and Primitive Firearms seasons)

  • Unapproved natural deer urine or body fluid scents or lures.
  • Taking or possessing spotted fawns.
  • Hunting deer with:
    • Centerfire firearms under .22 caliber
    • Rimfire firearms under .30 caliber
    • Shotguns with anything other than buckshot or slugs
  • Pre-charged pneumatic devices:
    • Allowed with specific projectile and minimum muzzle velocity standards during modern firearm deer season only.
  • Hunting deer while they are swimming.
  • Hunting deer from a boat with an operating motor, except for individuals who have lost one or more limbs.
  • Hunting from aircraft or other moving vehicles; aiding in deer hunting with aircraft.
  • Hunting or pursuing deer with dogs or vehicles during still hunting seasons or in designated still hunting areas.
  • Training deer dogs in still hunting areas during open still hunting seasons.

Trailing and Retrieval of Deer With Dogs

  • Use of Leashed Dogs:
    • Permitted for trailing and retrieving wounded or unrecovered deer.
  • Collar Identification:
    • Dogs must wear a collar with the owner’s name, address, and phone number.

Deer Possession Requirements

  • Identification:
    • Every divided part of a deer must have the harvester's details attached:
      • Name
      • Date
      • Address
      • LDWF number
      • Sex of the animal
  • Tagging:
    • Information must be legibly inscribed in pen or pencil.
    • Must be on paper, cardboard, or other suitable material.
    • Tags should be attached to or secure around the deer parts.
  • Resident Game Possession Tags:
    • Available on page 72, intended for identification purposes.

Deer Sex Identification Requirements

  • Evidence of Sex:
    • Must retain positive sex identification, including head or sex organs.
  • Duration for Keeping Identification:
    • While in camp or field.
    • During transport to possessor's domicile.
    • Until appropriately tagged and validated, with proof of electronic or physical tag attached to the carcass.
  • Conditions of Identification Removal:
    • When the deer is stored at possessor’s home.
    • After processing at a cold storage facility and the meat is identifiable as food.

Hunter Orange and Blaze Pink Requirements

  • Mandatory Display:
    • 400 square inches of Hunter Orange or Blaze Pink on the head, chest, and/or back.

Exceptions to the Rule

  • Private Land:
    • Hunter Orange or Blaze Pink cap/hat suffices.
  • Elevated Stands on Private Land:
    • Not required when in stand; must display when walking to/from stand.
  • Archery-Only Areas:
    • Not needed if firearms hunting is prohibited by land agreement.

Safety Advisory

  • Deer hunters should remain aware of others, including those not required to wear Hunter Orange or Blaze Pink.

Primitive Firearms Season in Louisiana

License Requirements

  • Required Licenses:
    • Deer or Senior License for hunters using primitive firearms.
  • Youth Hunters:
    • Must have a valid, original youth license.

Prohibited Activities

  • No hunting with dogs during any Primitive Firearms Seasons.

Legal Gear

  • Rifles and Pistols:
    • .44 caliber minimum for rifles or pistols.
    • 10 gauge or smaller shotguns.
    • Muzzle-loading only, using black powder or approved substitutes.
    • Permitted projectiles: ball, shot, or bullet (including saboted bullets).
    • Magnified scopes allowed.
  • Breech-Loading Firearms:
    • Single shot, breech-loading rifles .35 caliber or larger.
    • Single shot, breech-loading pistols .35 caliber or larger.
    • Single shot, breech-loading shotguns 10 gauge or smaller.
    • Must have an exposed hammer.
    • May use metallic cartridges (black powder or modern smokeless powder).
    • Magnified scopes permitted.
    • Shotguns must be loaded with buckshot or slug.


  • Youth Exemption:
    • Hunters aged 17 or younger can use any legal weapon during Primitive Firearms Season.
  • Either-Sex Hunting:
    • Allowed except during a Bucks Only season.

Archery Season in Louisiana: License and Legalities

License Requirements

  • Deer License/Senior License:
    • Necessary for deer hunting with archery gear.
  • Youth Hunters:
    • Must have a valid Youth License.

Archery Prohibitions

  • No poisoned, drugged, or explosive-tipped arrows.
  • Bows must have a minimum draw weight of 30 lbs.
  • Infrared, laser sights, and night-vision enhancing devices are forbidden (excludes non-projecting red dot sights).

Legal Archery Equipment

  • Accepted Gear:
    • Traditional bows, compound bows, and crossbows.
    • Mechanical aids for drawing, holding, or releasing allowed.

Hunting Regulations

  • Either-Sex Deer:
    • Permissible except during Bucks Only seasons, where archers must follow specific regulations.

Physically Challenged Deer Season on Private Land

  • Season Dates:

    • October 7-8, with either-sex deer hunting allowed.
  • Eligibility:

    • Exclusive to hunters possessing a Physically Challenged Hunter Permit.
  • Permit Application:

    • Available at regional LDWF offices.

Youth and Honorably Discharged Veterans Deer Hunting Season on Private Land

Either-Sex Deer Hunting Dates

  • Area 1, 4, 5, 6 & 9: October 28 - November 3
  • Area 2: October 14 - 20
  • Area 3, 7, 8 & 10: September 23 - 29


  • Youths aged 17 or under.
  • Resident honorably discharged veterans.

Legal Gear

  • All legal archery, primitive firearms, and modern firearms.

Youth Hunting Regulations

  • Must carry hunter safety certification or course completion proof.
  • Youth hunters must be supervised by an adult aged 18+.
  • Supervising adults do not need safety certification if they have a valid license or hunter safety course proof; waived for youth under 16.
  • Youth License required for underage hunters.
  • Adults are prohibited from carrying a firearm; youths may carry one legal firearm.
  • Adult must maintain visual and voice contact, except:
    • Licensed youths.
    • Youths aged 12+ with hunter safety course completion who can hunt without supervision.

Veterans Hunting Regulations

  • Must have a valid hunting license and proof of honorable discharge.
  • Acceptable proof of service while hunting:
    • U.S. Veterans Driver’s License from Louisiana OMV.
    • Department of Defense Form 214 or equivalent (e.g., WD AGO forms, NAVPERS/NAVMC/NAVCG documents, NPRC "statement of service" for lost records in 1973 archives fire, NGB_22 for National Guard).

Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP)

  • Program Information:

    • Specific rules are outlined in LAC 76:V.111.
    • Contact LDWF Field Offices or visit
  • Tagging Requirements:

    • Possession of DMAP tags is mandatory for harvesting deer.
    • Tags must be securely attached to the deer before transportation.
  • Harvest Regulations:

    • Antlerless or antlered deer taken on DMAP properties may be exempt from season or daily bag limits.
    • Participants must adhere to the deer season schedule of their area.
  • Exceptions for DMAP Properties:

    • Antlerless deer can be harvested any day of the season with a DMAP tag.
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