Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks (MDWFP)

1505 Eastover Drive
Jackson, MS 39211-6374
(601) 432-2400

Tate Reeves


Bill F. Cossar

Scott Coopwood

Leonard Bentz

Gary Rhoads

Billy Mounger

Executive Staff

Lynn Posey
Executive Director

Curtis Thornhill
Chief of Staff

Brian Ferguson
Chief of Staff

Larry Pugh
Deputy Director

Jason Thompson
Deputy Director

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

State Wildlife Management Areas

  1. Bienville WMA*
  2. Black Prairie WMA
  3. Calling Panther WMA
  4. Canal Section WMA
  5. Canemount WMA
  6. Caney Creek WMA*
  7. Caston Creek WMA*
  8. Charles Ray Nix WMA
  9. Charlie Capps WMA
  10. Chickasaw WMA*
  11. Chickasawhay WMA*
  12. Choctaw WMA*
  13. Copiah County WMA
  14. Cossar State Park WMA
  15. Divide Section WMA
  16. Hell Creek WMA
  17. Howard Miller WMA
  18. John Bell Williams WMA
  19. John W. Starr Memorial Forest WMA
  20. Lake George WMA
  21. Leaf River WMA*
  22. Leroy Percy WMA
  23. Little Biloxi WMA*
  24. Mahannah WMA
  25. Malmaison WMA
  26. Marion County WMA
  27. Mason Creek WMA*
  28. Muscadine Farms WMA
  29. Nanih Waiya WMA
  30. Natchez State Park WMA
  31. Okatibbee WMA
  32. O’Keefe WMA
  33. Old River WMA
  34. Pascagoula River WMA
  35. Pearl River WMA
  36. Phil Bryant WMA
  37. Red Creek WMA*
  38. Riverfront WMA
  39. Sandy Creek WMA*
  40. Shipland WMA
  41. Sky Lake WMA
  42. Stoneville WMA
  43. Sunflower WMA*
  44. Tallahala WMA*
  45. Theodore A. Mars Jr. Memorial Wildlife Refuge
  46. Trim Cane WMA
  47. Tuscumbia WMA
  48. Twin Oaks WMA
  49. Upper Sardis WMA*
  50. Ward Bayou WMA
  51. William C. (Billy) Deviney WMA
  52. Wolf River WMA
  53. Yockanookany WMA

* Properties owned by the U.S. Forest Service

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