Missouri Hunting Code of Ethics

Ethical Hunting Practices and Outdoor Respect

Respecting Private Land and Landowner Wishes

Before hunting on private property, it's imperative to secure permission from the landowner. Treat their property with the utmost respect, taking time to familiarize yourself with its boundaries, dwellings, roads, fences, and the presence of any livestock.

Pursuing Wounded Game

In the event that game is not dispatched instantly, exhaust all efforts to track and find any wounded animals. Bear in mind that entering another person's private land requires explicit permission.

Game Processing and Litter Management

Properly clean and care for your game to prevent waste. Additionally, uphold the environment by removing any litter, including spent shells, to leave the hunting grounds in a better state than when you arrived.

Reporting Violations and Firearm Accident Response

Any observed infractions of hunting laws should be reported to conservation officers or local law enforcement promptly. In the case of firearms-related incidents, the law demands that you identify yourself and provide aid; failing to do so constitutes a Class A misdemeanor.

Continuous Skill and Knowledge Development

Aim to refine your hunting abilities and understanding of wildlife, sharing this knowledge with others, while adhering strictly to wildlife legislation.

Gun Safety and Community Respect

Follow gun safety protocols diligently. Show respect towards the rights and preferences of fellow hunters, non-hunters, and property owners alike.

Game Utilization and Public Image

Ensure that you retrieve all game and make efforts to use what you've taken fully. Exhibit sensitivity when displaying your harvest to the public; remember that hunting is a privilege and not a competitive sport, rooted in tradition and stewardship of nature.

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