Missouri Turkey Hunting Laws and Regulations

Turkey Hunting Regulations Summary

Permits and Seasons

For information on turkey hunting dates, allowed methods, and appropriate permits, consult the turkey hunting season section available through the wildlife department.

Assisting Youth Hunters

  • Mentors accompanying youth during the spring turkey season or youth portions of firearms deer season are not required to hold a permit.
  • During all other times, mentors must have a valid hunting permit or meet exemption criteria. For deer and turkey, the mentor's permit may be filled or unfilled.

Baiting Rules for Turkey Hunting

  • Bait, which includes grain or feed used to lure turkeys, is illegal while hunting.
  • An area remains baited for 10 days following bait removal.
  • Violations occur if a hunter knowingly or should reasonably know that the area is or has been baited.
  • It is unlawful to bait an area that results in another's violation.
  • Mineral blocks solely containing salt are not bait; however, those with grain or food additives are illegal.
  • It is permissible to hunt turkeys over a harvested crop field, but illegal to add grain or crops like apples post-harvest.
  • Crop alteration, such as by mowing or pushing down, does not equate to baiting for turkeys.

After Harvesting a Turkey

Immediately after taking a turkey, hunters must visibly void their permit by notching the month and day of harvest.

Tagging and Checking Procedures

  • Stay with your turkey: Permit in hand suffices; no need to attach it to the bird.
  • Leaving the turkey unattended: Attach the notched permit to the turkey's leg.
  • For details on proper tagging and checking, refer to the Telecheck guidelines.
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