Nevada Director Message to Hunters

The end of bird season and the thaw of this winter’s once welcomed snow means

it’s time for the 2023 big game application period. As I look over this Big Game Seasons and Applications book as the newly appointed Director, I can’t help but reflect on all the hard work it takes to provide these opportunities outlined in this publication. I know that behind each and every quota there are countless hours of work from dedicated Nevada Department of Wildlife staff, County

Advisory Boards, Board of Wildlife Commissioners and conservation organizations who brought their energy, passion and purpose to ensure the future of Nevada’s wildlife legacy.

If you live in Nevada, or have hunted here before, you already know what great opportunities exist in the Silver State. However, if you haven’t experienced our state and its incredible open spaces and amazing wildlife, I invite you to check out both this book and our website ( to learn what you’ve been missing. Nevada provides incredible big game hunting opportunities for deer, elk, bear, pronghorn antelope, mountain goat and bighorn sheep. In fact, it is possible to draw multiple tags!

As you read this Big Game Seasons and Applications book, we want you to be aware that it is meant to be your quick reference to applying for Nevada big game tags. It includes season dates, quotas and processes that every sportsman needs to know before submitting their big game application. However, this publication contains only brief explanations of the hunting laws in this state. We recommend checking out our website ( or calling your local NDOW office if you have any questions.

I wish you all the best of luck with your hunt choices and hope that you consider bringing your wildlife passion beyond your application and into the field. Nevada’s wildlife can always use your support in any manner you can provide. From donations or membership in a sportsmen’s organization, volunteering on wildlife projects, or being part of the County Advisory Board and Wildlife Commission public input process, there is opportunity for all to support Nevada’s wildlife. For more information please visit our volunteer page at


Alan Jenne – Director, Nevada Department of Wildlife

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