New Hampshire Hunter Education Information

Hunter Education in New Hampshire

Why Hunter Education is Essential

Hunter Education is a mandatory requirement for individuals in New Hampshire who are 16 years and older and wish to obtain a hunting license for the first time. This program plays a vital role in shaping responsible and ethical hunters while significantly reducing hunting-related incidents in the state.

What You'll Learn

In a Hunter Education course, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills, including:

  • Firearms and archery safety and handling.
  • Outdoor safety and survival skills.
  • Understanding New Hampshire hunting laws.
  • Your responsibilities as a hunter.

Convenient Options

Finding and participating in a Hunter Education course has never been easier. You have two primary options:

  1. Traditional Classroom Course: You can attend a traditional classroom-based course, where you'll receive in-person instruction.

  2. Online Hunter Education Course: For individuals aged 15 and older, there's an online Hunter Education course available. This option includes a field day and practical field exam to complete your training.

What You Can Hunt

Successful completion of either the classroom or online course, along with the practical requirements, allows you to purchase both firearms and archery hunting licenses. If you completed the course before January 1, 2014, you may need to provide proof of completion of both Hunter and Bowhunter Education courses to purchase both licenses.

How to Get Started

To find course offerings, register, and get more information, visit Whether you prefer a traditional classroom experience or the flexibility of an online course, Hunter Education is easily accessible to help you become a safe and responsible hunter in New Hampshire.

Become a Hunter Education Instructor

Make a Difference in New Hampshire's Outdoors

Hunter Education in New Hampshire relies on dedicated volunteer instructors like you to ensure the safety and responsible hunting practices of new hunters. Your contribution can have a lasting impact on the hunting community and the conservation of our natural resources.

Easy Process, Minimal Commitment

Becoming a Hunter Education instructor is straightforward, and the annual time commitment is minimal, often just a few hours a year. Yet, the results are incredibly rewarding. By volunteering, you can:

  • Contribute to the decline in hunting incidents.
  • Help keep lands open for various outdoor activities, including hunting.
  • Share your knowledge and passion for the outdoors with others.
  • Foster responsible and ethical hunting practices.

Training and Support

To become a certified instructor, you'll attend an instructor certification course. This training encourages effective teaching techniques in a collaborative, team-teaching environment. You'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to make a positive impact on new hunters.

Get Started

Ready to make a difference? Visit to find more information about becoming an instructor and training opportunities. You can also reach out to (603) 271-3212 for additional details.

Join us in ensuring that today's hunters are well-prepared, safe, and responsible stewards of New Hampshire's woods, waters, and wildlife.

Hunter Education Requirements

Ensuring Safe and Responsible Hunting

In New Hampshire, safety is a top priority for hunters. To participate in hunting with a firearm or bow, all applicants must meet specific Hunter Education requirements to ensure they are well-prepared, responsible, and ethical hunters.

What You Need

To apply for a hunting license, you must provide one of the following:

  1. A previous hunting or archery license.
  2. A Certificate of Completion from an approved Hunter or Bowhunter Education course. This certificate can be from any year and any state.

Replacing Lost Certificates

If you've lost your Hunter or Bowhunter Education certificate, don't worry. You can request a duplicate by calling 603-271-3214. When applying by mail, remember to include your date of birth.

Stay Safe and Informed

By meeting these requirements, you contribute to a safer hunting community and help preserve our natural resources. Hunting is not only a tradition but also a responsibility. Stay safe, stay informed, and enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

Youth Programs

Inspiring the Next Generation of Outdoor Enthusiasts

New Hampshire offers exciting summer youth programs designed to introduce young people to Hunter Education and shooting sports. These programs provide a fantastic opportunity for youth to learn outdoor skills, gain valuable knowledge, and connect with nature.

Explore the Programs

  1. Barry Conservation Camp: This one-week overnight camp is an immersive experience where young participants can learn about conservation, wildlife, and outdoor skills. It's a great way for them to develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

  2. Owl Brook: Discover free summer youth programs at Owl Brook, providing hands-on experiences related to wildlife and the outdoors. These programs offer a fun and educational way for young individuals to explore the natural wonders of New Hampshire.

Get Involved

If you want to help young people connect with the outdoors and develop a love for nature, consider getting involved in these summer youth programs. Visit for program descriptions, schedules, and ways you can contribute to inspiring the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Your support can make a significant impact on our youth and the conservation of our natural resources.

Owl Brook Hunter Education Center

New Hampshire Hunter Education Information

Welcome to the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center, located in Holderness, NH, and operated by New Hampshire Fish and Game. Our center is dedicated to providing a wide range of hands-on educational experiences for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

What We Offer:

  • Shooting Sports: Whether you're a novice or experienced shooter, our center offers shooting sports opportunities that cater to various skill levels. From archery to small-bore shooting and shotgun ranges, there's something for everyone.

  • Map and Compass Instruction: Learn essential navigation skills with our map and compass instruction. It's a valuable skill for outdoor adventurers.

  • Certification Courses: We offer Hunter Education and Trapper Education certification courses, ensuring that individuals are well-prepared and knowledgeable when it comes to hunting and trapping.

  • Outdoor Skills: Our center is a hub for outdoor skill development. Join us to enhance your knowledge and expertise in various outdoor activities.

  • Youth Activities: We are committed to engaging young people in outdoor education and activities. Our center provides opportunities for youth to connect with nature and develop important life skills.

Visit Us:

  • Interpretive Trails: Explore our interpretive trails and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. You can also visit an old-time trapper cabin when the center is open.

  • Archery: Enjoy our 14-target woodland archery course and 4-target practice archery range, open seven days a week from May to November.

  • Customized Courses: Our classroom, small-bore shooting range, and shotgun range are available for individual groups interested in customized courses instructed by our staff.

Contact Us:

For more information and inquiries, please call (603) 536-1290 or visit

Supported by:

The Owl Brook Hunter Education Center was made possible through Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration funds and generous private donations. We are dedicated to promoting outdoor education and conservation.

Wildlife Legacy Initiative

Support New Hampshire's Wildlife and Wild Places

If you're passionate about preserving New Hampshire's diverse wildlife, natural habitats, and outdoor opportunities, you have the power to make a difference. Consider contributing to the Wildlife Legacy Initiative, a vital program by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

What Your Support Achieves:

  • Landowner Relations: Your contribution directly supports the Landowner Relations Program. This program plays a crucial role in maintaining access to private lands, ensuring that New Hampshire remains open to all outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Preserve Access: By safeguarding access to private lands, we protect outdoor recreational opportunities for everyone. Your donation helps maintain the balance between land conservation and public access.

How to Contribute:

  • Purchase a License: You can support the Wildlife Legacy Initiative when you purchase your fishing or hunting license. It's as simple as checking off the $10 Wildlife Legacy Donation option when buying your license, whether in person or online at

Your Contribution Matters:

Your contribution, no matter the size, makes a meaningful impact on preserving New Hampshire's natural heritage. By supporting the Wildlife Legacy Initiative, you play a vital role in conserving the state's fish, wildlife, and wild places.

Learn More:

To discover more about the Wildlife Legacy Initiative and how your donation contributes to land conservation and access preservation, visit

Your support is greatly appreciated, and together, we can ensure that future generations continue to enjoy the beauty and wonder of New Hampshire's outdoors. Thank you for your commitment to our wildlife legacy.

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