New Jersey Bear Hunting Season Dates

New Jersey Bear Season

Segment A - Archery

  • Dates: Oct. 9 to Oct. 14, 2023
  • Method: Archery only during Oct. 9-11, then Archery/Muzzleloader from Oct. 12-14
  • Bag Limit: 1 bear over 75 lbs live weight

Segment B - Shotgun/Muzzleloader

  • Dates: Dec. 4 to Dec. 9, 2023
  • Method: Shotgun/Muzzleloader
  • Bag Limit: 1 bear over 75 lbs live weight

Potential Segment B Extension

  • Dates: Dec. 13 to Dec. 16, 2023 (if announced)
  • Method: Shotgun/Muzzleloader
  • Bag Limit: 1 bear over 75 lbs live weight

Key Regulations and Notes:

  • Archery permitted in Segment A only during the initial dates.
  • Muzzleloader usage dates overlap with archery at the end of Segment A.
  • Shotgun and muzzleloader are used during Segment B and its potential extension.
  • Hunters may not take sows accompanied by cubs or bear cubs.
  • Mandatory bear checks and baiting rules must be followed.
  • Hunters can harvest only one bear per permit; if licensed for multiple zones, still only one bear per segment.

For comprehensive rules and necessary checks, consult the full NJ Bear Hunting Digest. Always ensure compliance with the latest regulations issued by New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife.

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