New Jersey Hunting License Costs

New Jersey Hunting and Trapping License Overview

Youth Licenses

  • Ages 10–16: Free Bow & Arrow and Firearm licenses, valid through December 31 of the year youth turns 16.
  • Requirements: Completion of Hunter Education, mandatory live-fire session, and parent/guardian permission if under 14.
  • Obtaining: Present Hunter Education card at any license agent.

Resident Licenses

  • Bow & Arrow: $31.50 (16–64), $16.50 (65+)
  • Firearm: $27.50 (16–64), $15.50 (65+)
  • All-Around Sportsman: $72.25, Buddy License $62.25
  • Requirements: NJ residency for 6 months or active military duty.
  • Obtaining: First-time license at agent with Education card or prior license; subsequent licenses online or at agents.

Apprentice Licenses

  • Bow & Arrow / Firearm: $31.50/$27.50 Resident, $135.50 Non-Resident
  • Requirements: U.S. citizenship, age 14+ for bow and 18+ for firearm; hunt under direct supervision of a licensed mentor.
  • Limit: Two lifetime permits per type.

Disabled Veterans (DV) Hunting Licenses

  • Fee: Free for all licenses except Buddy All-Around and Buddy Fishing Licenses.
  • Requirements: Proof of service-connected disability, honorable discharge, NJ residency, Hunter Education card.
  • Obtaining: Via mail for initial certification; then at agents or online.

National Guard (NJNG) Licenses

  • Fee: Free for all relevant licenses.
  • Requirements: Active NJNG member post Initial Active Duty Training, Hunter Education or prior license from former residence.
  • Confirmation: Through NJDMAVA system – certifications valid for 6 months.

Non-Resident Licenses

  • Bow & Arrow / Firearm: $135.50
  • Requirements: Non-residency or NJ residency <6 months, turn 17 within the year, annually thereafter.

Non-Resident 2-Day Small Game Firearm License

  • Fee: $36.50
  • Validity: Through the day after issuance; excludes deer/turkey hunting.

Special One-Day Firearm

  • Fee: $12.50
  • Validity: Day of issue; for use on commercial preserves only.

Farmer License Exemption

  • Requirements: Ownership and residence on qualifying farmland; immediate family exemption applies.
  • CID Number: Required for hunting without a license on farmland.

For full details and additional information on fees, regulations, and how to obtain licenses, visit NJ Fish & Wildlife.

Free Permits for Disabled Veterans (DV) and NJ National Guard (NJNG)

Rifle Permit

  • Validity: July 1 – June 30
  • Youth (10–16): $6
  • Adult (16+): $10.50
  • Requirements: Completion of a Hunter Education course including rifle.
  • Apprentice Restriction: Not purchasable by Apprentice License holders.
  • Obtaining: License agents or online.

Deer Permits

  • Types: Permit Bow, Muzzleloader, Shotgun
  • Youth (10–16): $12
  • Adult (16+): $28
  • Specifics: Zone and season-specific; Antlerless, Antlered, and DRS Multi-Zone variants.

DRS Multi-Zone Permit

  • Youth: $24
  • Adult: $56
  • Conditions: For Set 7 OR 8 Regulation during the specified antlerless season.

Antlered Buck Permit

  • Youth: $12
  • Adult: $28
  • Validity: Any zone with an antlerless zone-specific or DSR Multi-Zone Permit.

Turkey Permits (Fall/Spring)

  • Youth (10–16): $12
  • Adult (16+): $21
  • Validity: Designated Hunting Area and specific period.

Coyote & Fox Permit

  • All Hunters (10+): $2
  • Active Period: January 2 – March 15
  • Restriction: Not for Apprentice License holders; required for specific firearms/ammunition and night hunting.

For free permits, DV and NJNG members must comply with standard issuance proceedings while providing the necessary documentation confirming their status. Visit NJ Fish & Wildlife for detailed guides on how to obtain the respective permits.

Free Permits and Stamps for Disabled Veterans (DV) and NJ National Guard (NJNG)

Pheasant & Quail Stamp

  • Age 16+ Fee: $40
  • Requirement: Mandatory for hunting where NJ Fish & Wildlife releases these species.
  • Obtain: License agents or online.

HIP Certification

  • Age 10+ Fee: $2
  • Requirement: Required for hunting specific migratory birds.
  • Obtain: License agents or online.

NJ Waterfowl Stamp

  • Resident Fee: $10
  • Non-Resident Fee: $15
  • Requirement: Both state and federal stamps, signed in ink, are needed to hunt waterfowl.
  • Obtain: License agents or online.

Federal Migratory Bird Hunting & Conservation Stamp

  • Age 16+ Fee: $25
  • Requirement: Along with state stamp, required for hunting waterfowl.
  • Purchase Options: Select post offices or online.

Farmer Permits

  • Fee: Free to qualified farmers.
  • Requirement: Visible display of permit while hunting, with a valid CID number.
  • New Farmers Apply: Between June 1–August 1 at county ag extension offices or online for certification.
  • Claiming Permits: At any license agent post-approval.

Duplicate or Lost License / Permit

  • Fee: $2 for each duplicate or replacement.
  • Obtain: License agents or online.

For DV and NJNG members, permits and stamps can be obtained free of charge upon fulfilling the necessary requirements and presenting valid proof of status. For more information or to navigate the application and procurement process, refer to NJ Fish & Wildlife resources.

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