New Mexico Draw License Information

Draw Hunt License Application Information

General Requirements for Draw Licenses

  • Species: Barbary sheep, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, ibex, javelina, oryx, and pronghorn.
  • Mandatory Purchase: Nonrefundable game-hunting or game-hunting & fishing license, and HMAV if relevant.
  • Availability: Through online or telephone draw process.
  • Pre-March 27 Purchase: Exclusively via draw process.
  • Post-Draw: Successful applicants receive a combination license/tag or use the E-Tag option.

Fees and Refunds

  • Charges: Application and full license fees due at submission.
  • Refunds: Draw license fee returned if unsuccessful; application fee nonrefundable.

Bear and Turkey Draw Permits

  • License Requirement: Not necessary prior to the draw.
  • Post-Success Purchase: License with tag required after March 27.

Draw Hunt System Mechanics

  • Random Sequencing: Applications receive a random sequence number.
  • Choice Allocation: Licenses/permits matched to application choices sequentially.
  • No Preference System: New Mexico doesn't consider past unsuccessful applications.
  • Notification: Successful applicants notified by email.

Drawing Quotas

  • Resident Allocation: At least 84% of licenses.
  • Outfitted Applicants: 10% for residents/nonresidents with a registered New Mexico outfitter.
  • Nonresident Applicants: 6% without an outfitter.
  • Resident Exclusive: 100% of antlerless elk and WMAs draw licenses.
  • Population Management Exemption: Quotas do not apply.

Notes for Nonresidents/Outfitted Applicants

  • Low Probability: Challenges arise for outfitted (≤6 licenses) and nonresident (≤12 licenses) draw codes.
  • Mixed Applications: Resident-nonresident group applications may face draw difficulties.

For further details, visit Applications and Draw Information.

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