New Mexico Ibex Hunting License Information

Ibex Hunting Licenses and Dates in Detail

Ibex Draw Licenses Across Various Seasons

Bow Hunting Season

  • Hunt Dates:
    • Early Fall: October 1–15
      • Hunt Code: IBX–2–100
      • Licenses Available: 100
      • Bag Limit: Either Sex (ES)
    • Winter: January 15–29, 2024
      • Hunt Code: IBX–2–104
      • Licenses Available: 100
      • Bag Limit: Either Sex (ES)

Muzzleloader Season

  • Hunt Dates:
    • Late Winter: February 17–23, 2024
      • Hunt Code: IBX–3–106
      • Licenses Available: 15
      • Bag Limit: Either Sex (ES)

Any Legal Weapon Seasons

  • Once-In-A-Lifetime Hunt:
    • Autumn: November 15–29
      • Hunt Code: IBX–1–101
      • Licenses Available: 15
      • Bag Limit: Either Sex (ES)
  • Standard Any Legal Weapon Hunts:
    • Early Winter: December 9–13
      • Hunt Code: IBX–1–102
      • Licenses Available: 20
      • Bag Limit: Female or Immature Male (F–IM)
    • Mid-Winter: February 3–7, 2024
      • Hunt Code: IBX–1–105
      • Licenses Available: 20
      • Bag Limit: Female or Immature Male (F–IM)
  • Youth-Only Once-In-A-Lifetime Hunt:
    • Winter Holiday: December 27, 2023 – January 10, 2024
      • Hunt Code: IBX–1–103
      • Licenses Available: 5
      • Bag Limit: Either Sex (ES)
  • Year-Round Any Legal Weapon Hunt:
    • Duration: April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024
      • Hunt Code: IBX–1–528
      • Licenses Available: Unlimited
      • Bag Limit: Either Sex (ES)

Designated Hunting Area

Florida Mountains Specific Zone Description

  • Precise Boundaries for Ibex Hunting:
    • North Boundary: Interstate 10, separating the hunt area from regions to the north.
    • Southern Boundary: The U.S./Mexico border, marking the international boundary line.
    • Western Boundary: New Mexico Highway 11, delineating the area from locations further west.
    • Eastern Boundary: The dividing line between Doña Ana and Luna Counties marks the area's limit to the east.

Additional Resources and Contact Information

  • New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Contact:
    • For comprehensive details on licences, applications, to report harvests, and any further inquiries relevant to Ibex hunting, individuals are urged to consult the official website by clicking here.
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