New York State Environmental Conservation Police FAQs

Environmental Conservation Police: Hunting and Trapping Q&A

Hunting and Trapping Regulations

Q: Can I use someone else's carcass tag?

A: No

It is illegal to use another person's tags, except for properly consigned Deer Management Permits (DMPs) or landowner DMAPs. See DMP tag transfer instructions for more details.

Q: Is hunting allowed on NY State-owned lands?

A: Varies

State lands are owned by various agencies like DEC, DOT, SUNY, etc. Check specific rules for each property. Some DEC lands are off-limits to hunting. Contact your local ECO for legality.

Q: What must I carry while hunting?

A: Required Documentation

Carry your hunting license, carcass tags, special permits, duck stamp with HIP#, and back tag (where required). Use the HuntFishNY app for license proof, but physical tags are still needed.

Q: Why can stores sell deer bait and salt blocks?

A: Sale vs. Use

Selling deer bait and salt blocks is legal, but using them for hunting or feeding deer and bear is prohibited.

Q: Are deer urine scents legal?

A: Yes, but Caution Advised

Natural deer urine products are discouraged to prevent Chronic Wasting Disease. Use synthetic products instead.

Q: Why are food plots not considered baiting?

A: Agricultural Exemption

Food plots are considered standard agricultural practices and don't concentrate deer like feed sites, reducing disease spread and ecological damage.

Q: Rifle use in counties prohibiting deer hunting with rifles?

A: Limited Use

Rifles up to .22 caliber can be used for small game if no deer season is open. Restrictions apply in Long Island and Westchester county.

Q: Hunting and trapping same species?

A: Season Dependent

Seasons and legality vary by species. Some can be hunted and trapped with different season dates. Example: coyote.

Q: Exceptions to the 500' firearm discharge rule?

A: Specific Conditions

Exceptions include ownership, lease, family employment, owner's consent, or hunting waterfowl over open water without nearby dwellings or people.

Q: Post-reporting carcass tag disposal?

A: Disposal After Use

The tag is not needed post-consumption preparation. Dispose of carcass waste in a landfill to minimize disease risks.

Q: Retrieving game from neighboring properties?

A: Owner's Permission Required

Gain permission from the property owner to retrieve the animal.

Q: Eligibility for resident hunting license?

A: Residency Criteria

Owning land or paying taxes in NY doesn't grant resident license eligibility. Residency is based on a fixed, principal home.

Q: Sharing Deer Management Permits?

A: DMP Usage

Only the DMP holder may take an antlerless deer. Consignment must occur before the deer is harvested.

Q: Target shooting on DEC lands?

A: Conditional Permission

Allowed on some DEC lands with specific rules. Check ahead for designated areas.

Q: Junior hunters using firearms for deer?

A: Age and County Specific

12- and 13-year-olds can hunt deer with firearms only in participating counties. 14- and 15-year-olds can hunt in any open county. Adult supervision and safety gear required.

Q: Handgun possession during bowhunting?

A: Prohibited

No firearms, including handguns, are allowed during bowhunting seasons. A NY Pistol Permit is required for handgun possession.

Q: Importing deer carcasses into NY?

A: Prohibition

Importing whole carcasses of deer, elk, moose, or caribou from outside NY is banned to protect against Chronic Wasting Disease.

Q: Tree stand removal on state lands?

A: End of Season Removal

Remove tree stands labeled with your details at the end of the hunting season. Permanent structures require landowner permission on private land.

Q: Duck blind removal regulations?

A: Annual Removal by March 15

Hunting blinds in navigable waters must be labeled and removed by March 15 each year.

Q: Offshore anchoring for waterfowl hunting?

A: Location Dependent

Legality varies by location. Confirm the underwater lands are public domain and ensure no dwellings or people are within 500' of the shooting direction.

Q: Pelt sealing requirements?

A: Species-Specific

Fisher, Marten, Otter, and Bobcat require pelt seals. Contact your local DEC office or an ECO for sealing.

Q: Legal specifications for crossbows?

A: Specific Requirements

Crossbows must meet minimum size, limb width, arrow length, and draw weight criteria set by the NYS Legislature.

Q: Using semi-automatic rifles for hunting?

A: With Restrictions

Legal for hunting game that can be taken with a rifle. The SAFE Act governs semi-automatic firearms features and magazine capacity. The SAFE Act website provides detailed information.

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