North Carolina Privilege Licenses, Stamps, and Certifications

Guide to Privilege Licenses, Stamps, and Certifications for Hunting in North Carolina

Additional Requirements for Specific Hunting Activities


Privilege licenses, stamps, and certifications are necessary supplements to the standard hunting license for engaging in certain hunting activities. These are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, unless stated otherwise. It's important to note that a $2 transaction fee may apply to the total order as per NCGS 113-270.1B.

Specific Privilege Licenses and Stamps

  • Big Game Hunting License ($14 for residents, $100 for nonresidents): Required for hunting deer, bear, and wild turkey. Residents must also purchase a bear management e-stamp to hunt bear, while nonresidents need a bear hunting license and e-stamp. Different rates apply for residents of neighboring states due to reciprocal agreements.

  • Big Game Hunting 10-Day License (Nonresident $80): This short-term license is for hunting deer, bear, and wild turkey during a specified 10-day period. Nonresidents hunting bear must also obtain the bear hunting license and e-stamp.

  • Bear Management E-Stamp ($11): Essential for hunting bear, this e-stamp is mandatory alongside a valid hunting license with big game privileges. Nonresident hunters also need a bear hunting license. Lifetime license holders prior to July 1, 2014, must obtain a no-cost e-stamp to hunt bear.

  • Bear Hunting License (Nonresident $239): Nonresidents require this license in addition to the standard hunting license, big game privilege license, and bear management e-stamp for bear hunting.

  • Bonus Antlerless Deer License ($11): Allows harvesting two additional antlerless deer in municipalities enrolled in the Urban Archery Season.

  • Game Land License ($16): Necessary for individuals who wish to use game lands for activities authorized by their standard hunting, trapping, or inland fishing license.

  • Migratory Waterfowl Hunting License (State $14): Required for hunting waterfowl, in addition to a state hunting license and HIP Certification.

  • Federal Duck Stamp ($27): A nationally recognized stamp, valid for hunting migratory waterfowl. The e-stamp proof-of-purchase is valid for 45 days, with the physical stamp mailed within this period.

Additional Certifications and Permits

  • HIP Certification (Free): Mandatory for hunting migratory game birds. It is available from July 1 to April 1 and expires on June 30 each year.

  • Hunting Heritage Apprentice Permit (Free): Needed for those who have not previously held a N.C. hunting license or have not completed hunter education requirements. The permittee must be accompanied by a licensed adult.

Key Points

  • Validity Period: Most privileges and stamps are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Additional Costs: Various privilege licenses and stamps have specific costs, and some have special rates based on reciprocal agreements with neighboring states.
  • Required Combinations: Certain hunts require a combination of licenses, stamps, and certifications.
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