North Dakota Hunter Education Information

Hunter Education Requirements in North Dakota

Mandatory Hunter Education Course

Who Must Take the Course?

  • Age Requirement: Individuals born after 1961 must complete a certified hunter education course to obtain a firearm or bow hunting license in North Dakota.


  1. Age Exception:

    • Youth under 12 years of age can hunt but only under direct supervision of a parent, guardian, or an adult authorized by their parent or guardian.
    • They must possess the appropriate licenses for the species they are hunting.
  2. Whitetail Doe License for Youth:

    • Youth who turn 11 before the end of the calendar year may receive a whitetail doe license valid for the youth hunting season without completing the hunter education course.
  3. Land Ownership Exception:

    • Individuals hunting exclusively on land they own or operate (as the record title owner or operator) are exempt from the course.
  4. Apprentice Hunting License:

    • Those who obtain an apprentice hunting license are also exempt.

Proof of Certification

  • Requirement: Proof of hunter education certification must be presented when buying or applying for hunting licenses.
  • Reciprocity: Official hunter education courses offered by other states and Canadian provinces are recognized and meet North Dakota’s requirements.

Lost Hunter Education Card

  • If you have lost your hunter education card, you can retrieve your hunter education number and reprint your card by accessing your account on the North Dakota Department of Online Services.

Key Takeaways

  • North Dakota enforces these education requirements to ensure hunters are knowledgeable about safe and responsible hunting practices.
  • The specific exceptions provide flexibility for younger hunters, landowners, and those with apprentice licenses, while still prioritizing safety and ethical hunting standards.
  • Compliance with these educational requirements is crucial for legal and responsible hunting in North Dakota.

Hunter Education Courses Offered by North Dakota Game and Fish Department

Types of Hunter Education Courses

1. Traditional Hunter Education

  • Format: 14-hour course conducted entirely in the classroom.
  • Age Requirement: Students must be in the calendar year in which they turn 11.

2. Home Study Course

  • Format: 14-hour course combining classroom and online study.
  • Cost: There is a fee of $19.99 for the online portion of the course.
  • Age Requirement: Students must be in the calendar year in which they turn 12.
  • Enrollment: Students need to enroll in a home study course through the Department’s website before completing the online course materials.

Course Content

  • Focus Areas: Courses cover safety, ethics, laws and regulations, landowner relations, wildlife identification, and conservation.

Certification and Record Processing

  • Hunter Education Card: Students generally receive their hunter education card by mail 7-10 days after successfully completing a class.
  • Certificate Numbers: Hunter education certificate numbers can be found on the Department's Online Services once the records for a completed class have been processed.

Additional Courses (Optional)

  • Bowhunter Certification and Fur Harvester Education: These are optional, supplemental courses offered by the Department. However, they cannot be used in place of the mandatory hunter education courses to meet state hunting education requirements.

Key Points

  • North Dakota offers two types of hunter education courses, each with specific age requirements and formats.
  • The courses are comprehensive, focusing on various essential aspects of hunting.
  • Upon completion, certification is provided, which is mandatory for obtaining a hunting license.
  • Optional courses like bowhunter certification and fur harvester education provide additional learning opportunities but are not substitutes for the basic hunter education requirement.

Participation in these courses ensures that hunters in North Dakota are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for safe and responsible hunting.

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