Oregon Bighorn Sheep Hunting Season Dates

Oregon Bighorn Sheep Hunting Seasons: Key Timeframes

Oregon offers specific seasons for hunting Bighorn Sheep, categorized by the type of sheep and the permissible hunting methods. This guide details the start and end dates for these distinct seasons, providing essential information for hunters planning to pursue Bighorn Sheep.

California Bighorn Sheep Season

  • Season Dates: August 15 to November 26.
  • Hunting Method: Any legal weapon controlled.
  • Details: This season is designated for hunting California Bighorn Sheep using any legal weapon. It extends over a significant period, from mid-August to late November, providing ample opportunity for hunters.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Season

  • Season Dates: August 15 to October 31.
  • Hunting Method: Any Legal Weapon Controlled.
  • Details: Targeting Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, this season also allows the use of any legal weapon. It spans from mid-August to the end of October, offering a focused period for hunters pursuing this particular species.
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