Landowner Antlerless Deer License Program


Landowner antlerless deer licenses are available to various entities, including public landowners, political subdivisions, government agencies, private landowners, and defined hunting clubs. A hunting club, in this context, is defined as a corporation or legal cooperative that owns its enrolled acres in fee title, was established before January 1, 2000, and has provided its club charter and a list of current members to the Game Commission.

How to Apply

Landowners interested in obtaining antlerless deer licenses can apply through the following methods:

  1. Download Applications: Applications and instructions can be downloaded from the Game Commission's website at

  2. Online Renewal: Online renewal instructions are also available for eligible landowners.

Application Deadline

To be considered for the Landowner Antlerless Deer License Program, applications must be submitted to local Game Commission region offices and postmarked by July 1. It's important to adhere to this deadline to ensure eligibility for the program.

Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) Permits for Hunters


The Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) permits enable hunters to harvest antlerless deer on specific properties. DMAP is available for both landowners and hunters, and the program allows landowners to issue permits directly to hunters for specific properties. Here are the key details for hunters participating in the DMAP:

Obtaining DMAP Permits

  1. Property-Specific Permits: Each DMAP permit allows a hunter to harvest an antlerless deer on the property for which the permit is issued.

  2. Purchase Through Agents: Landowners participating in DMAP may make permits available for hunters to purchase directly through license-issuing agents.

  3. Online Purchase: Hunters can also buy DMAP permits online through

  4. Coupons: In some cases, landowners may issue coupons to hunters, which can then be redeemed to purchase permits at any license-issuing agent or online.

Permit Limits

  • For DMAP properties where landowners provide coupons, hunters can purchase up to four DMAP permits.

  • On all other properties, the limit is two DMAP permits per hunter.

Finding DMAP Unit Numbers

  • If a landowner isn't issuing coupons, hunters may need to contact the landowner to get the DMAP unit number for the property.

  • For properties open to public hunting, the DMAP unit number can be found at

DMAP Permit Cost

  • The cost of a DMAP permit is $10.97 for a resident and $35.97 for a nonresident.

Season and Licensing Requirements

  • Hunters on DMAP properties may hunt antlerless deer in any deer season, using the sporting arm and/or implement allowed during that season.

  • Hunters must be properly licensed for the season they are participating in. For example, archery or muzzleloader licenses are required to take antlerless deer with DMAP permits during those seasons.

Mentored Hunting

  • A mentor can transfer one DMAP permit issued to them to an eligible mentored hunter below age 7.

  • Mentored hunters aged 7 and older can apply for their own DMAP permits.

  • A valid DMAP permit held by a mentor shall be kept in the mentor's possession at all times while hunting antlerless deer, and it should be transferred after the mentored hunter under age 7 has harvested the antlerless deer and before tagging the deer.

Reporting Harvest Success

  • Reporting on harvest success is mandatory for all DMAP permit holders, regardless of whether a deer is taken.

Finding Landowner Information for DMAP

Online Resources

  • Contact information for public lands and some private lands enrolled in DMAP can be found online at

Private Landowners

  • Contact information for private landowners enrolled in DMAP is posted only with the landowner's permission.

Request by Mail

  • Hunters without Internet access can obtain listings of eligible DMAP properties by following these steps:
    1. Mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
    2. Include a letter indicating the county of interest.
    3. Send the envelope and letter to the Game Commission region office responsible for that particular county.

Additional Information

  • For more information on the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' participation in the DMAP program, visit

DMAP on State Game Lands (SGLs)


  • For the 2023-24 hunting season, Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) permits will be available on specific State Game Lands (SGLs).
  • This expansion of DMAP to State Game Lands is aimed at achieving wildlife habitat goals and increasing hunting opportunities.

Permit Limit

  • Hunters can purchase up to two DMAP permits per SGL DMAP unit.

More Information

  • To find detailed information about the specific SGLs where DMAP permits are offered, please refer to the "Participating Landowners Section" of the Game Commission's website.
  • Website:


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