2024 Tides

This comprehensive guide provides high tide predictions exclusively between the hours of 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM, adjusted for daylight saving time, throughout the year 2024. Special notations are used to indicate the phases of the moon: 'l' signifies a new moon, while 'm' denotes a full moon, adding an essential dimension for enthusiasts and professionals who track tidal movements in relation to lunar cycles.

January (2024)

  • High tides range from 11:14 AM early in the month, gradually shifting to 10:31 AM by the end.

February (2024)

  • Tides start at 11:49 AM, moving earlier to 11:54 AM, showcasing minor fluctuations.

March (2024)

  • The month begins with tides at 11:16 AM, shifting earlier to 6:32 AM, indicating a significant change.

April (2024)

  • Tides transition from early morning at 6:45 AM to later in the morning at 12:46 PM, reflecting a wide variation.

May (2024)

  • Begins with high tides in the evening at 5:53 PM, transitioning to morning tides, peaking at 12:18 PM by month's end.

June (2024) 

  • Tides gradually shift from early morning at 6:08 AM to early afternoon at 12:58 PM.

July (2024)

  • Starts with tides at 6:30 AM, moving towards midday with tides at 1:40 PM by the 8th, and concluding the month in the morning hours.

August (2024)

  • Early month tides at 7:58 AM with a full moon, shifting to earlier in the day, with the last tide at 2:22 PM on the 9th.

September (2024) 

  • Tides commence at 9:21 AM, moving to earlier morning times, transitioning back to 3:05 PM by the 10th, indicative of significant tidal shifts.

October (2024) 

  • Starting at 9:47 AM, the tides progressively shift to earlier in the day, reaching 3:48 PM by the 11th, showcasing the dynamic nature of tidal movements.

November (2024)

  • The month opens with tides at 11:00 AM, transitioning to earlier morning times, concluding at 4:31 PM on the 12th.

December (2024)

  • Begins with high tides at 10:24 AM, gradually moving to earlier times, with a notable shift to 5:16 PM by the 13th.

The tide table also includes valuable tidal difference adjustments for various locations in Rhode Island, offering specific insights for local and visiting mariners:

  • Providence, RI: Add 13 minutes.
  • Warwick, RI: Add 13 minutes.
  • Portsmouth, RI: Add 8 minutes.
  • Wickford, RI: Add 3 minutes.
  • Sakonnet Point, RI: Subtract 9 minutes.
  • Narragansett, RI: Subtract 11 minutes.
  • Point Judith, RI: No adjustment needed.
  • Westerly, RI: Add 41 minutes.
  • Block Island, RI: Subtract 13 minutes.
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