Guide to Your Local Bait & Tackle Shops

Find Your Next Fishing Adventure: Local Bait & Tackle Shops Directory

Embarking on a fishing journey requires not just skill and patience but also the right gear and bait. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner eager to cast your line, having a go-to list of local bait and tackle shops is invaluable. This detailed directory spans across various locations, ensuring you're never far from the supplies you need. From Block Island's renowned Fishworks to Westerly's well-stocked Weekapaug Bait & Tackle, each shop is a treasure trove of fishing essentials.

Block Island beckons with Block Island Fishworks, offering expert advice and gear at (401) 466-5392.

Bristol's charm includes Bristol Bait & Tackle, reachable at (401) 545-5470 for all fishing needs.

Charlestown offers a choice with Breachway Bait & Tackle (401) 364-6407 and Quonnie Bait & Tackle (401) 637-7184, catering to diverse fishing pursuits.

Chepachet is home to Big Bear Fishing & Hunting LLC, dial (401) 949-0339 for a comprehensive hunting and fishing inventory.

Coventry's Sandy Bottom Bait & Tackle at (401) 823-1540 provides personalized service and fishing gear selections.

Cranston features Continental Bait & Tackle, contact them at (401) 943-2137 for specialized fishing tackle.

East Providence invites anglers to Archies Bait & Tackle, a call to (401) 437-2630 connects you to a world of fishing solutions.

Hope Valley shines with Hope Valley Bait & Tackle, where (401) 539-2757 is the number for premium bait and tackle.

Jamestown’s Zeek’s Creek Bait & Tackle Inc at (401) 423-1170 offers expert advice and quality fishing supplies.

Middletown doubles the offer with The Saltwater Edge (401) 842-0062 and Sam’s Bait & Tackle (401) 848-5909, catering to all saltwater fishing enthusiasts.

North Kingstown presents Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle (401) 294-9642 and Fin and Feathers Outfitters (401) 316-6924 for top-notch fishing gear.

Narragansett is a hub with Maridee Canvas Bait & Tackle (401) 789-5190 and Captain’s Tackle (401) 783-4988, ensuring a fruitful fishing trip.

Portsmouth’s Crafty One Customs at (401) 293-0477 offers custom fishing gear for the discerning angler.

Providence welcomes fishermen to Marine & Auto Savings Inc (401) 461-2230 and Ocean State Tackle (401) 749-3474 for a diverse range of fishing supplies.

Tiverton’s Riverside Marine at (401) 625-5181 is your gateway to marine and fishing products.

Wakefield boasts Skip’s Dock (401) 648-6728, Snug Harbor Marina (401) 783-7766, and Brooks Trap (401) 782-4412, offering everything from bait to boat services.

Warren highlights Lucky Bait & Tackle at (401) 247-2223, a lucky find for any fisherman.

Warwick delivers with Ray’s Bait & Tackle (401) 738-7878, Tackle Box (401) 736-0605, and Island Girl (401) 458-1503, ensuring you're well-equipped for any fishing adventure.

Westerly completes the list with Watchhill Outfitters (401) 596-7217, Gray’s Boatyard Marine Store (401) 348-8689, and Weekapaug Bait & Tackle (401) 388-8453, offering a wide selection of fishing gear and expertise.

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