Rhode Island Saltwater and Freshwater Boundaries

Rhode Island establishes clear boundaries between saltwater and freshwater environments to regulate fishing activities and protect aquatic ecosystems. These demarcations are crucial for anglers to understand where freshwater regulations end and saltwater regulations begin. Below is a comprehensive list of rivers and towns with their respective saltwater/freshwater interface points:


  • Pawcatuck River: Downstream side of the bridge crossing US Route 1
  • Mastuxet Brook: Point where the brook empties into Mastuxet Cove


  • King Tom / Ninigret Ponds: Spillway at the South end of King Tom Pond

South Kingstown

  • Factory Pond Outlet: Seaward opening of culvert under Teal Road
  • Mill Pond Outlet to Cards Pond: Bridge on Moonstone Beach Road crossing west neck of Cards Pond
  • Smelt Brook: Bridge closest to the outlet into Point Judith Pond
  • Saugatucket River: Downstream side of the Main Street Bridge in Wakefield

North Kingstown

  • Gilbert Stuart Brook: Point where the river empties into the Pettaquamscutt (Narrow) River
  • Annaquatucket River: Point where the river empties into Bissel Cove
  • Cocumcussoc Brook: Bottom of the first riffle upstream of Wickford Cove
  • Potowomut River: Forge Road spillway


  • Wesquage Pond: Culvert at the outlet to Bonnet Shores Beach

East Greenwich

  • Maskerchugg River: Boston Post Road (US Route 1) spillway


  • Gorton Pond Outlet: West of the Amtrak Railroad Bridge
  • Tuscatucket Brook: Downstream side of the West Shore Road Bridge
  • Old Mill Creek: Entirely tidal
  • Warner Brook: Draper Avenue Bridge
  • Buckeye Brook: Point where the stream empties into Narragansett Bay
  • Lockwood Brook: Downstream side of West Shore Road Bridge
  • Spring Green Pond Outlet: Downstream side of the Warwick Avenue (RI Route 117A) Bridge


  • Pawtuxet River: Narragansett Parkway spillway
  • Woonasquatucket River: Downstream side of US Route 1N Bridge
  • Moshassuck River: Point of confluence with the Woonasquatucket River


  • Blackstone/Seekonk River: Main Street spillway

East Providence

  • Ten Mile River: Omega Pond spillway
  • Runnins River: Downstream side of Mink Street (RI 114A) Bridge


  • Annawomscutt Brook: Pilling Chain Company spillway on Bay Spring Avenue
  • Mussachuck Creek: Downstream side of the Washington Road Bridge
  • Prince Pond (Tiffany Pond): Point where the stream enters the Barrington River.


  • Sin and Flesh Brook: Downstream side of the Highland Avenue Bridge
  • Nonquit Pond: Bridge at Pond Bridge Road
  • Pachet Brook: Downstream side of the West Main Road (RI Route 77) Bridge

Little Compton

  • Dundery Brook: Downstream side of Swamp Road Bridge
  • Cold Brook: Point where the brook empties into Quicksand Pond


  • Maidford River: Downstream side of Paradise Avenue Bridge


  • Goose Neck Cove: Entirely tidal
  • Lily Pond: Outlet
  • Almy Pond: Outlet
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