Rhode Island State-Owned Saltwater Boating Access Sites

Rhode Island offers a wealth of state-owned saltwater boating access sites, maintained in usable condition for the enjoyment and convenience of boaters. These sites are essential gateways for exploring the state's stunning coastal waters, fishing grounds, and scenic vistas. Below is a list of these prime locations, each with its unique features and offerings. For those seeking more comprehensive details, including town-owned ramps and further information, the Marine Fisheries website serves as a valuable resource.

Key Locations

  • Site A: Known for its easy access and ample parking, this site is a favorite among local fishing enthusiasts and recreational boaters alike.

  • Site B: Offers well-maintained facilities with launching ramps suitable for boats of various sizes. The site also provides accessibility features to ensure all visitors can enjoy the water.

  • Site C: This location is prized for its scenic views and tranquil waters, making it a perfect spot for kayakers and paddleboarders. It also features picnic areas for family outings.

  • Site D: Boasts modern amenities, including state-of-the-art docking systems, fuel stations, and nearby dining options, catering to a more luxurious boating experience.

  • Site E: A secluded gem offering pristine natural surroundings, ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. The site has minimal facilities, preserving its untouched beauty.

  • Site F: Known for its excellent fishing spots, this site attracts anglers from across the region. It features a bait and tackle shop and a fish cleaning station.

  • Site G: This all-in-one marina provides comprehensive services, including boat repair, winter storage, and a maritime shop, making it a convenient option for long-term boaters.

Usage Guidelines

When visiting these access sites, boaters are encouraged to act responsibly by respecting other users and the environment. Proper disposal of trash and waste is paramount to maintaining the beauty and usability of these areas for future visitors. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a positive experience for all and helps preserve Rhode Island's coastal heritage.

Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing Access Sites


  • Main Street: Offers a concrete slab ramp with a depth of 4 ft. at MLW, ideal for small to medium-sized boats.


  • Quonochontaug Breachway: Features a concrete plank ramp with a 3 ft. depth, suitable for various boating activities.
  • Charlestown Breachway: This site has linked concrete slabs with a depth of 3 ft., providing direct access to the water.
  • Charlestown: A natural shoreline with a gravel base, accommodating for informal launches.


  • Galilee: A double ramp composed of linked concrete planks, offering a 4 ft. depth, positioned ideally for larger vessels.
  • Monahan's Dock: A steep drop concrete ramp ranging between 3 - 4 ft., perfect for experienced boaters.

South Kingstown

  • Narrow River: Accessible via a concrete plank ramp with a 3 ft. depth, great for small boats and kayaks.
  • Marina Park: Situated along Route 1, this site features concrete slabs, catering to a variety of boating needs.


  • Fort Adams: Provides a straightforward launch with a 3 ft. depth, placing you right in the heart of Newport's maritime scene.


  • Third Beach: A convenient concrete ramp, with parking fees applicable during beach open hours.

Little Compton

  • Sakonnet Point: Offers linked concrete planks with a 2 ft. depth, ideal for accessing the Sakonnet River.

North Kingstown

  • Wilson Park: Features a moderately steep linked concrete plank ramp with a 3 ft. depth, near local amenities.


  • Fogland and Sakonnet River Bridge: Both sites provide linked concrete planks; however, strong currents at the bridge site call for cautious navigation.


  • Weaver Cove, Gull Cove, Stone Bridge: These locations offer concrete slabs or planks with depths ranging from 2 to 4 ft., providing varied boating experiences.

Prudence Island

  • Homestead: Located on the island, this site offers an authentic boating experience with its natural launch conditions.

East Greenwich

  • Greenwich Cove: Known for its concrete slab ramp, this site is tucked away at Pole #6 on Crompton Ave.


  • Goddard and Oakland Beach: Goddard State Park and the concrete ramp at Oakland Beach offer easy access to Warwick's coastal waters.

Bristol, Warren, Barrington, East Providence

  • Independence Park, Colt State Park, Annawanscutt, Haines Park, Sabin Point, Bold Point: These sites feature concrete slabs or planks, with depths suitable for a range of boating activities.

Providence, Pawtucket

  • Gano Park, Festival Pier, Pawtucket: Urban access points with concrete slabs, facilitating quick and easy entry to the water.
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