Frequently Asked Questions: South Carolina Fishing and Hunting

Online License and Address Changes

Q: What if I didn't print my license receipt after purchasing online?

  • A: Check your email for the license information. This email or the license copy mailed to you, if requested, serves as a valid license. Alternatively, use the Go Outdoors SC mobile app to access your licenses.

Q: How can I change my address?

  • A: Change your address online at, through the Go Outdoors SC app, or by mailing the change of address form available at

License Requirements

Q: Do I need a saltwater license for shore fishing?

  • A: Yes, a current saltwater license is required for fishing from shore or boat in saltwater.

Q: How many fishing rods may I use with a saltwater fishing license in a boat?

  • A: There's no limit on rods for licensed anglers. Unlicensed individuals cannot use these rods.

Regulations on Specific Species

Q: Are mussels considered clams or oysters?

  • A: Mussels are regulated as oysters. This does not apply to freshwater mussels.

Q: Is there a specific crabbing season?

  • A: Crabbing is allowed year-round. Check regulations for size limits and license requirements.

Q: Can red drum be kept from federal waters?

  • A: Harvesting red drum from federal waters (beyond 3 miles) is prohibited.

Q: Can recreational anglers use a line with multiple hooks for crabs?

  • A: Yes, with a Saltwater Recreational Fishing License and a Trotline Equipment License.

Nuisance Wildlife and Hunting Regulations

Q: Who to contact for nuisance wildlife problems?

  • A: SCDNR provides a directory of private wildlife control services at

Q: Are there caliber or magazine restrictions for hunting on private or WMA lands?

  • A: No restrictions for private lands. For WMA lands, check Weapons in WMA Regulations for specific weapons regulations.

Q: Can I carry a handgun while hunting on an archery-only WMA with a CWP?

  • A: Yes, but it cannot be used to hunt during primitive weapons seasons.

Deer Hunting and Turkey Tags

Q: How long is deer hunting allowed during the day?

  • A: From one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset.

Q: Can I call or guide for turkey hunting if I've used all my tags?

  • A: Yes, provided you carry your tag form and a valid hunting license.

License Requirements for Youth

Q: At what age is a hunting or fishing license required?

  • A: Individuals 16 years or older must have a valid license.

Q: Do children under 16 need tags for hunting deer, turkey, or bear?

  • A: Yes, tags are required regardless of age, except on youth days. Obtain tags at SCDNR offices or online.

Camping on WMA Properties

Q: Is camping allowed on WMA properties?

  • A: Yes, in designated areas. Some locations may require a permit. Check online for specific property regulations.
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