Shooting Ranges Operated by SCDNR and Others in South Carolina


South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) offers multiple shooting ranges across the state. These ranges have specific operational hours, which may vary based on the time of year and hunting seasons. All SCDNR ranges are 100 yards or less. To verify hours, contact the SCDNR Hunter Education office at 803-734-3995.

SCDNR Shooting Ranges

  1. SCDNR Pickens County Range (Pickens Co.)

    • Location: From Easley, SC Highway 8, left on Breazeale Road, left on Porter Rd. at the red gate.
    • Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Closed Sunday and Monday.
    • Contact: 864-855-5747
  2. SCDNR James O. Thomason Shooting Range (Spartanburg Co.)

    • Location: From Pauline, SC Highway 215 east, left on Foster Mill Circle.
    • Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Closed Sunday and Monday.
    • Contact: 864-380-6276
  3. SCDNR Twin Ponds Range (Charleston Co.)

    • Address: 7492 Willow Hall Rd, Awendaw, SC 29429
    • Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Closed Sunday and Monday.
  4. SCDNR Wateree Range (Richland Co.)

    • Address: 14068 Garners Ferry Rd, Eastover, SC 29044
    • Features: Rifle, pistol, skeet, trap, five-stand, and sporting clays. $5/25 clay targets for shotgun ranges.
    • Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 9AM-5PM (EST). Closed Sunday and Monday.
    • Contact: 803-240-7368
  5. SCDNR Belfast WMA Shooting Range (Laurens Co.)

    • Address: 6655 Highway 560, Kinards, SC 29355
    • Hours: Wednesday - Saturday: Daylight hours, Sunday 2:00 PM - dark. Closed Monday and Tuesday.
  6. SCDNR Palachucola Range (Hampton Co.)

    • Hours: Wednesday-Saturday: 8:00 AM - dark, Sunday 1:00 PM - dark (except during deer and turkey hunts).
    • Contact: 803-625-3569

Other Ranges

  • Manchester State Forest Shooting Range (Sumter Co.)
    • Managed by SC Forestry Commission.
    • Fee: $5.00/day or $25.00/year. Hearing protection required.
    • Hours: Saturday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Sunday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.
    • Contact: 803-494-8196

Key Points

  • Operational hours are subject to change based on season and hunting schedules.
  • Most ranges are closed on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Special features like skeet, trap, and sporting clays are available at certain locations.
  • Some ranges require fees, particularly for specific activities like clay target shooting.

U.S. Forest Service Rifle Ranges in South Carolina


The U.S. Forest Service operates several rifle ranges in South Carolina, offering year-round access to shooting enthusiasts. These ranges are equipped with features catering to a variety of needs, including accessibility for disabled visitors.

Specific Rifle Ranges

  1. Cedar Creek Shooting Range (Oconee Co.)

    • Features: Fully accessible, three of five tables under shelter.
    • Hours: Open Thursday - Sunday.
    • Contact: 864-638-9568
  2. Candy Branch Shooting Range (Abbeville Co.)

    • Features: Sunrise to sunset access, five firing lines with benches, including one accessible to disabled visitors.
    • Contact: 803-637-5396
  3. Beaverdam Shooting Range (Edgefield Co.)

    • Features: Open firing lines with left or right benches, available from sunrise to sunset.
    • Contact: 803-637-5396
  4. Fairforest (Union Co.), Leeds (Chester Co.), Philson Crossroads (Laurens Co.), Indian Creek (Newberry Co.) Shooting Ranges

    • Features: Day use, six firing lanes, benches on both sides, one bench accessible to disabled visitors.
    • Contact: 803-276-4810
  5. Boggy Head Rifle Range (Berkeley Co.)

    • Features: Daylight hours only, includes shooting tables and accessibility for disabled visitors.
    • Contact: Francis Marion Ranger District office at 843-336-2200

Additional Information

  • All ranges are open year-round, providing ample opportunities for shooting practice.
  • Accessibility for disabled visitors is a key feature in many of these ranges.
  • Operational hours and specific features vary across different ranges.

For more details and information on additional shooting ranges in South Carolina, visit the official website: SCDNR Shooting Ranges.

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