East River Fishing Regulations: Exceptions and Border Waters

East River Exceptions to Statewide Limits

Horseshoe Lake, Day County

  • Walleye: Daily limit of 1, with a minimum length of 28 inches.

Lynn Lake and Middle Lynn Lake, Day County

  • Walleye: A daily limit of 2, each must be at least 15 inches long.

Mitchell Lake, Davison County

  • Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass: Must be at least 15 inches to keep.

Opitz Lake, Day/Marshall County

  • Walleye: Daily limit set at 2, with a minimum length requirement of 15 inches.

Twin Lake, Minnehaha County

  • Walleye: Limited to a daily catch of 1, with a minimum size of 28 inches.

Yankton Lake, Yankton County

  • Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass: A minimum size of 15 inches is required.

Reetz Lake, Day County (Seasonal Regulations)

  • May 1 - September 30: Open to public access with specific daily limits and minimum sizes for Walleye/Sauger (1, 28"), Yellow Perch (1, 14"), Black Crappie (1, 15"), and Bluegill (1, 10").
  • October 1 - April 30: Landowner permission required, with statewide regulations applying to all species.

East River Border Waters (Minnesota-South Dakota and Iowa-South Dakota)

Minnesota-South Dakota Border Waters

  • Walleye/Sauger/Saugeye: Daily and possession limit of 4, with only one allowed over 20 inches.
  • Northern Pike: 6 daily, with a possession limit of 6.
  • Bass, Yellow Perch, Crappie, Sunfish: Various limits specified.
  • White Bass, Rock Bass, Bullhead, Rough Fish: No daily limit for White Bass and Rough Fish; specific limits for Rock Bass and Bullhead.
  • Catfish: 5 daily, with only one over 24 inches; sturgeon/paddlefish season is closed.

Iowa-South Dakota Border Waters

  • Similar structure for limits on Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, and other species with adjustments in possession limits.
  • Channel Catfish: Daily limit of 10, with a possession limit of 20.
  • Flathead Catfish: 5 daily, only one 30” or longer.
  • Blue Catfish: Limited to 1, with specific catch and release regulations for Muskellunge/Tiger Muskie.
  • Trout/Salmon: A combined daily limit of 5, with a possession limit of 10.
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