Resident Combination Licenses Overview

Resident Combination (Small Game + Fishing)

  • Eligibility: Residents aged 18 or over.
  • Privileges: This license allows for fishing (including frogs and turtles) and hunting small game such as pheasant, grouse, partridge, quail, cottontail rabbit, and tree squirrel. Additionally, it covers hunting for species allowed under the Predator/Varmint License, including coyote, red and gray fox, skunk, raccoon, badger, prairie dog, ground squirrel (gopher), crow, jackrabbit, porcupine, and marmot. Note: Furbearer (trapping) privileges are not included.
  • Fee: $55*.

Resident Senior Combination (Ages 65+)

  • Eligibility: Residents aged 65 or over.
  • Privileges: Offers the same fishing and hunting rights as the standard Resident Combination License, including small game and species covered under the Predator/Varmint License. Furbearer (trapping) privileges are not included.
  • Fee: $40*.

Resident Reduced Fee Hunting and Fishing

  • Eligibility: South Dakota residents with total disability and certain veterans who are qualified and approved.
  • Privileges: Approved individuals are issued a Disabled/Veteran Hunting and Fishing Card, valid for 4 years, allowing for hunting and fishing as per state regulations.
  • Fee: $10, for a card that is valid for 4 years.

Resident Fishing Licenses Overview

Resident Annual Fishing

  • Eligibility: South Dakota residents.
  • Privileges: Allows for fishing, including the taking of frogs and turtles. Youth under 18 are exempt from requiring a license.
  • Fee: $28*.

Resident 1-Day Fishing

  • Eligibility: South Dakota residents looking for a short-term option.
  • Privileges: Valid for one day of fishing, frog, and turtle taking, with a limit of one daily catch per species. Youth under 18 do not need a license.
  • Fee: $8*.

Resident Senior Fishing (Age 65 and Older)

  • Eligibility: Residents aged 65 or older.
  • Privileges: Permits fishing, frog, and turtle taking for senior residents.
  • Fee: $12*.

Resident Setline License

  • Eligibility: South Dakota residents who use setlines.
  • Privileges: Required for each setline operated by a resident.
  • Fee: $5 per setline.

Resident Hoop Net License

  • Eligibility: South Dakota residents using hoop nets.
  • Privileges: A separate license is needed for each hoop net in operation.
  • Fee: $10 per hoop net.

Resident Nursing Facility Group License

  • Eligibility: State-licensed nursing facilities.
  • Privileges: Allows permanent residents of the nursing facility to fish; not applicable to staff or employees. Facilities must apply with their state-issued license number and bed count.
  • Fee: $35.

Nonresident Fishing Licenses Overview

Nonresident Annual Fishing

  • Privileges: Allows nonresidents to engage in fishing activities, including the taking of frogs and turtles, adhering to the legal daily and possession limits.
  • Fee: $67*.

Nonresident 1-Day Fishing

  • Privileges: Offers nonresidents the opportunity for a single day of fishing, with the allowance to take one daily limit of fish, frogs, and turtles.
  • Fee: $16*.

Nonresident 3-Day Fishing

  • Privileges: Grants nonresident anglers fishing rights for a consecutive three-day period, with the capability to retain fish, frogs, and turtles within the legal limits.
  • Fee: $37*.

Nonresident Youth

  • Privileges: Nonresident youth under the age of 18, who wish to maintain their own limit of fish or fish independently, are exempt from needing a fishing license.
  • Fee: $0.
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