2023 Hunting Season Updates

Nonresident Archery Deer and Antelope Hunting Changes

For the 2023 hunting season, nonresident archery deer and antelope hunters desiring to utilize public lands must secure an "any deer" or "any antelope" license applicable to both public and private terrains. The deadline for these applications was May 11 for deer and May 25 for antelope. Post-deadline, "any deer" and "any antelope" archery licenses remain purchasable but are solely valid for private lands, excluding public lands and private lands leased for public hunting through GFP in Walk-In Areas, CREP, and CHAP programs. These licenses are available throughout the archery seasons. Notably, nonresident antlerless whitetail deer licenses are accessible for both private and public lands. However, those with a public land archery deer license can commence hunting on public lands starting October 1.

Spring Turkey Season Adjustments

The start date for the archery spring turkey season now aligns with the Spring Wild Turkey Season across all units, including the Black Hills. The initiation for the Black Hills unit is postponed to the 4th Saturday in April, intending to enhance turkey population health and numbers.

Mountain Goat Season Closure

The 2023 and 2024 mountain goat hunting seasons are officially closed, and hunters will not have the opportunity to acquire preference points for these periods.

Transition to Online Limited Draw Applications

All limited draw applications have transitioned to an online-only format as of 2023. The traditional paper application method has been phased out to streamline the application process.

Nonresident Waterfowl Hunting Requirements Update

Nonresident waterfowl hunting sees several changes, including the separation of the state Migratory Bird Certificate from Nonresident Spring Light Goose licenses and similar permits. Hunters now must actively choose a Migratory Bird Certificate, reflecting either the Traditional or Three-duck license option, accompanied by a $5 fee. Additionally, GFP will no longer issue printed Nonresident Waterfowl Licenses; these will be available electronically within the hunter's GFP profile, with options to print at home or carry digitally for verification during hunting.

Deer Season Changes

Several amendments have been made across deer hunting units and licenses:

  • Black Hills Deer: All firearm antlerless deer licenses have been discontinued for the Black Hills.
  • Archery and Muzzleloader Deer: Antlerless whitetail deer licenses for archery and muzzleloader are no longer available in the Black Hills and certain new West River Deer hunting units.
  • Custer State Park Deer: The previous archery-only restriction from November 1 - 15 in Custer State Park has been lifted. Now, hunters with an "any whitetail deer" license may use a firearm throughout November.
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