West River Fishing Regulations: Exceptions to Statewide Limits

Angostura Reservoir, Fall River County

  • Walleye: Must be at least 15 inches in length to keep.

Bad River

  • Catfish: There is no possession limit, allowing for unlimited catch.

Belle Fourche Reservoir, Butte County

  • Walleye Restrictions: Only walleyes less than 15 inches or those 18 inches and longer are permissible to take. Among these, only one may be 18 inches or longer. This applies to the inlet canal up to the terminal drop structure above the Fisherman’s Road Bridge.

Belle Fourche River

  • Catfish: Unlimited catch is permitted, with no limit on possession.

Cedar Creek Dam #1 and #2, Bennett County

  • Regulation: The use and possession of live baitfish are prohibited within Lacreek NWR, promoting native species protection.

Cheyenne River

  • Catfish: Catch and possession are not limited, supporting liberal harvesting opportunities.

Curlew Lake, Meade County

  • Walleye: Anglers are restricted to a daily limit of 2, with a minimum length requirement of 15 inches.

Grand River

  • Catfish: No limit on the number of catfish that can be caught and kept.

Little Missouri River

  • Catfish: No possession limit, allowing for unrestricted catch.

Moreau River

  • Catfish: Unlimited catch is permitted, with no possession restrictions.

New Wall Dam, Pennington County

  • Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass: Fishermen can keep bass less than 14 inches or those 18 inches and longer, with a maximum of one over 18 inches allowed.

Newell Lake, Butte County

  • Walleye: A daily limit of 2 walleyes, each needing to be at least 15 inches in length.

Shadehill Reservoir, Perkins County

  • Walleye: A minimum length of 15 inches is required for walleye catch.

White River

  • Catfish: There is no limit on the number of catfish that can be harvested.
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