Tennessee Bear Hunting Season

Overview of Hunting Dates, Zones, and Regulations

Tennessee's bear hunting season includes various dates and zones, with specific regulations regarding the use of dogs. Understanding these details ensures compliance with state wildlife management practices.

Bear Season Details

General Season

  • Dates: Sept 23 - Oct 20
  • Zones: All Zones
  • Dogs Allowed: No

Young Sportsman Season

  • Dates: Oct 28-29
  • Zones: Zone 1, 2, 3
  • Dogs Allowed: No

Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery Seasons

  1. Zone 1
    • With Dogs: Oct 7-9, 14-15; Nov 6-13; Nov 27-Dec 13
    • Without Dogs: Nov 18-21
  2. Zone 2
    • With Dogs: Oct 7-10, 13-15; Oct 30-Nov 3; Nov 27-Dec 21
    • Without Dogs: Nov 18-21
  3. Zone 3
    • With Dogs: Sept 30-Oct 1, Oct 7-13; Oct 30-Nov 3; Nov 27-Dec 10; Dec 28-31
    • Without Dogs: Nov 18-21

Restrictive Bear Hunt

  • Dates: Sept 16-22
  • Location: Private lands within Kettlefoot/Laurel Fork Reserves
  • Dogs Allowed: No

Key Points for Hunters

  • Young Sportsman Season: Specifically for young hunters, providing them an exclusive hunting experience.
  • Use of Dogs: Allowed during certain dates in specific zones, enhancing traditional hunting methods.
  • Restrictive Hunt: Targets specific areas to manage bear populations and minimize human-bear conflicts.
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