Tag Before You Drag: Big Game Harvesting and Check-In Procedures

Essential Procedures for Harvested Big Game

  • Immediate Action: Before moving your harvested big game, you must check it in on your smartphone or physically tag the animal.
  • Deadline for Check-In: Big game must be checked in by midnight on the day of the harvest.
  • Additional Requirements:
    • Before gifting the animal or taking it out of state.
    • The Temporary Transportation Tag must remain on the animal until checked in.
    • Evidence of the animal’s sex, species, and antlered status (if applicable) must stay with the animal until checked in.

Specifics for Bear Harvest

  • Weight Requirement: Bears must weigh at least 75 lbs. when possessed afield. This applies whether the bear is whole or field dressed.
  • Condition for Quartered/Boned Out Bears: The total of the meat, hide, etc., must equal or exceed 75 lbs.

Elk Checking Requirements

  • Refer to the Elk Regulations for specific checking requirements.

Obtaining Temporary Transportation Tags

  • Source: At the bottom of your hunting license or by logging into your account at

Importance of the Harvest Confirmation Number

  • Post Check-In: This number must be available for inspection by TWRA personnel until the final processing.
  • Usage: Required when taking the animal to a taxidermist, meat processor, or when gifting it to another person.

Legal Compliance

  • Providing false information during the check-in process is a violation of the law.
  • By checking in, the hunter affirms the validity and accuracy of the information on the record.

TWRA ON THE GO - Mobile App

  • Availability: On the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Functionality: Stores your license information and allows electronic tagging/check-in in the field.
  • Offline Capability: Works without cell signal; automatically submits information when back in range.

Tagging & Check-In Instructions

If You Have the TWRA on the Go Mobile App

  • Procedure: Electronic Tag/Mobile Check-In.
    • Tag and check in your harvest using the app.
    • Once a harvest confirmation number is generated, your obligations are fulfilled.

If You Don't Have the App

  • Procedure: Temporary Transportation Tag.
    • Fill out and attach a pre-printed paper tag to the animal.
    • Check in your harvest before midnight using one of three methods:
      1. Check-in Station.
      2. Internet.
      3. Mobile App.
    • Keep the harvest confirmation number for records.
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