Unlawful Hunting Practices Under Alabama State Law

Unlawful Hunting Activities

  1. - Hunting deer or turkey without a valid harvest record in possession.
  2. - Moving any deer or turkey prior to recording the harvest.
  3. - Failing to report deer and turkey harvests in Game Check.
  4. - Hunting game animals lacking natural wild behavior or without escape opportunity.
  5. - Pursuing exotic game like certain wild goats, sheep, deer species, or elk not pre-certified.
  6. - Hunting in areas where baiting has occurred within the last 10 days unless holding a bait privilege license.
  7. - Hunting game with firearms or bows outside of legal daylight hours, except species with approved nighttime hunting.
  8. - Shooting or hunting turkeys with firearms from an elevated tree stand.
  9. - Taking deer, alive or dead, from the state's public waters.
  10. - Utilizing live decoys for hunting migratory birds and turkeys.
  11. - Employing electronic calls for hunting doves, turkeys, or waterfowl, except for predator hunting in season.
  12. - Hunting by the aid of artificial light from fires, or natural or man-made smoke.
  13. - Hunting on floodwaters, backwaters, or small island habitats less than 40 acres.
  14. - Discharging firearms from, across, or within 50 yards of public roads or railroads except when in compliance with caliber and shot size limitations.
  15. - Using lights from vehicles to illuminate properties from sunset to sunrise.
  16. - Driving, rallying, or hunting animals with the aid of motorized vehicles, except from a stationary position post-motor use.
  17. - Using chemicals like gasoline to expel wildlife from refuges.
  18. - Harvesting unantlered deer outside of the designated season.
  19. - Possessing or using mechanical or electronic movement or sound-capable turkey decoys, except under certain conditions.
  20. - Taking or attempting to take more than the daily bag limit of any game bird or animal.
  21. - Importing, possessing, selling, or offering for sale restricted live wildlife species from outside Alabama.
  22. - Releasing domestic or wild turkeys into the state's wild areas.
  23. - Utilizing firearms for hunting deer during the preliminary archery-only season, barring handguns for personal protection.
  24. - Using laser sights or light projections ahead of guns or bows, except with specific licenses or for legally blind hunters.
  25. - Hunting or taking wildlife with poisons, explosives, or similar means.
  26. - Holding in possession or captivity any protected wild birds or animals.
  27. - Following wounded game onto property without owner permission.

These points distill the fundamental restrictions dictated by Alabama law and regulations with regard to hunting practices to help hunters adhere to ethical and legal guidelines. Please consult the complete Code of Alabama Title 9, as well as the Alabama Game, Fish, Furbearers, and Other Wildlife Regulation Book for comprehensive details and any amendments.
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