Bull Moose Hunting in Utah

Bull moose hunting in Utah is a unique and limited opportunity, governed by Utah Admin. Rule R657-5-37. Here's what you need to know about bull moose hunting in the state:

Obtaining a Bull Moose Permit

  • To hunt bull moose, you must possess a bull moose permit.
  • You may obtain a bull moose permit through the big game drawing only once in your lifetime.
  • Your bull moose permit allows you to use the weapon type listed on your permit to take one bull moose within the hunting unit and season specified on your permit.
  • You may apply for and hunt cow and bull moose in the same year.

CWMU Bull Moose Hunts

  • Cooperative Wildlife Management Units (CWMUs) are private lands opened to a limited number of public and private hunters.
  • You may not hunt on a bull moose CWMU unless you obtain a bull moose permit for that specific CWMU.
  • To learn more about hunting bull moose on CWMUs, refer to the article on page 43 and visit

Bull Moose Characteristics

  • A "bull moose" is defined as a moose with antlers longer than its ears (R657-5-2(2)(h)).

Permit Availability

  • Bull moose hunting permits will be available for purchase starting July 11, 2023.
  • You can buy these permits online at and at license agent locations and Division offices.

Important Note

  • If you purchase a permit for this hunt, you will forfeit any future opportunities to apply for a bison permit in the big game drawing.
  • However, you can continue to purchase this permit annually as long as it is offered.
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