Enhancing Local Conservation: Community Wildlife Program

Navigating Conservation with the Community Wildlife Program

The Community Wildlife Program (CWP) stands as a vital resource for municipal planners and non-governmental organizations seeking to incorporate conservation science into community planning. This initiative is driven by providing the latest in conservation research and tools to help communities realize and integrate their conservation goals into tangible town planning strategies.

Bridging Goals and Habitat Conservation

CWP aids towns in translating their conservation aspirations into actionable objectives, focusing particularly on identifying and preserving vital wildlife habitats. By interpreting these ambitions into formal language, communities can effectively weave conservation efforts into their town plans.

Contact for Expert Guidance

For a direct consultation with a conservation biologist, the program encourages contact via email or phone. Jens Hilke is available to provide expert advice, with all consultations and follow-up services offered free of charge, courtesy of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

Comprehensive Services Offered by CWP

The program offers a multitude of free services to aid towns and NGOs:

Finding Information:

  • Data Identification: Staff assist in pinpointing the necessary data types, sources, and methods of interpretation to support your town's natural resource management.

Reviewing Town Planning Documents:

  • Planning Support: Whether revising town plans, zoning ordinances, or sub-division regulations, the CWP provides reviews and suggestions to ensure these documents align with your conservation goals.

Access to Resources and Partnerships:

  • Network Building: The program helps locate potential partner organizations for funding or additional services, crucial for successful conservation project implementation.

Integrating into Larger Conservation Efforts:

  • Regional Coordination: With a statewide reach, the CWP staff are likely familiar with neighboring conservation efforts and can provide insights on how to align and integrate your projects into broader regional plans.
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