Online Deer Harvest Reporting in Vermont

Legal Obligations for Hunters

In Vermont, a strict legal mandate requires all successful deer hunters to report their harvest within 48 hours. This regulation, overseen by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, ensures responsible wildlife management and conservation efforts.

Reporting Methods Vary by Season

Archery and Muzzleloader Seasons

During the archery and muzzleloader seasons, hunters are provided the convenience of utilizing an online reporting system. This digital platform allows for quick and efficient submission of harvest details directly to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

Youth, Novice, and Regular November Seasons

Contrastingly, for the youth, novice, and the 16-day regular November deer hunting seasons, the process is more hands-on. Hunters must report their harvested deer in-person. They have two options for doing so:

  1. Big Game Reporting Stations: These are designated locations where hunters can bring their deer for official recording. The stations are strategically placed across the state for accessibility.
  2. State Game Wardens: Alternatively, hunters may report their harvest directly to a State Game Warden. This option provides a personalized approach, allowing for immediate verification and assistance.

Online Harvest Reporting for Deer in Vermont

The Convenience of Online Reporting

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department offers an online reporting system for deer hunters, a method proven effective in various states for its ease and efficiency. This digital approach streamlines the process, allowing hunters to promptly report their harvest from anywhere. It also provides valuable data for wildlife biologists, aiding in the management of white-tailed deer populations and monitoring harvest trends.

Traditional Reporting Remains an Option

While online reporting offers convenience, hunters who prefer the traditional method can still report their deer in-person at check stations. This flexibility ensures all hunters can participate in the reporting process in the manner most convenient for them.

Required Information for Online Reporting

To ensure a smooth reporting process, be prepared with the following information:

  1. Conservation ID#: Find this number on the upper left-hand corner of your license or look it up online.
  2. Tag Number: Enter the number or "Landowner" if applicable.Vermont Deer Harvest Reporting
  3. Photograph of the Deer (optional):
    • A headshot of the harvest buck, preferably with the hunter, showing the tag or hunter's face if the tag is unreadable.
    • Capture the deer's head to confirm the presence or absence of antlers, including the number of legal antler points. Ensure the filled-out tag is visible.
  4. Location of Kill: Provide the town and Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) where the deer was harvested. Refer to the WMU map for precise locations.
  5. Date and Time of Kill: Note the exact time and date of the harvest.
  6. Sex of the Deer: Indicate whether the deer is male or female.
  7. Deer's Weight: Provide an actual or estimated weight of the deer.
  8. Number of Legal Antler Points: Detail the number of points on each antler, if applicable.

Report Your Deer Harvest

In-Person Deer Harvest Reporting

Option for Traditional Reporting

While Vermont's online system facilitates efficient deer harvest reporting, the option to report in person remains available and accessible for those who prefer a traditional approach or face challenges with the online system.

Locating a Big Game Reporting Station

  1. Big Game Reporting Stations: These designated locations are set up throughout Vermont to assist hunters in reporting their harvest. They are staffed with knowledgeable personnel ready to record your deer and answer any questions you might have. To find the nearest big game reporting station, visit the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website or contact their office for a list of locations.

Assistance from State Game Wardens

  1. Contacting a Game Warden: If you encounter difficulties with the online reporting system or prefer direct assistance, your local State Game Warden is available to help. Game Wardens provide valuable support, ensuring that your harvest is reported correctly and promptly. They can guide you through the reporting process, help with tagging, and ensure that all necessary information is accurately recorded.

Central District

  • Lt. Butler, Wesley: Rutland Office | State Police Phone: 802-786-3865
  • Sgt. Whipple, Jeffrey: Fairlee | State Police: 802-234-9933 | Cell: 802-535-5220
  • Spc. Whitlock, Dale: New Haven | State Police: 802-388-4919 | Cell: 802-777-6269
  • Daversa, Louis: Fair Haven | State Police: 802-773-9101 | Cell: 802-595-9034
  • Kline, Bella: Randolph | State Police: 802-234-9933 | Cell: 802-595-3533
  • Serra, Abigail: Rutland | State Police: 802-773-9101 | Cell: 802-793-1270
  • Truong, John: Barre | State Police: 802-773-9101 | Cell: 802-595-3302

Northeastern District

  • Lt. Scott, Mike: St. Johnsbury Office | State Police Phone: 802-751-0103
  • Sgt. Hazard, Randy: Canaan | State Police: 802-334-8881 | Cell: 802-793-3321
  • Circe, Dustin: Montpelier | State Police: 802-229-9191 | Cell: 802-793-6629
  • Jackman, Cody: Lyndonville | State Police: 802-748-3111 | Cell: 802-279-3560
  • Johnson, Jake: Derby | State Police: 802-334-8881 | Cell: 802-917-6264
  • Palmer, Katie: Hardwick | State Police: 802-748-3111 | Cell: 802-353-9535
  • Seegers, Will: St. Johnsbury | State Police: 802-748-3111 | Cell: 802-498-5351

Northwestern District

  • Lt. Currier, Robert: Essex Office | State Police Phone: 802-879-5669
  • Sgt. Joyal, Dana: Charlotte | State Police: 802-878-7111 | Cell: 802-498-5469
  • Spc. Snyder, Dustin: St. Albans | State Police: 802-524-5993 | Cell: 802-279-9275
  • Barrett, Chad: Waterbury | State Police: 802-229-9191 | Cell: 802-224-6324
  • Coffey, Ethan: Hyde Park | State Police: 802-878-7111 | Cell: 802-793-3114
  • Hungerford, Josh: Enosburg | State Police: 802-524-5993 | Cell: 802-498-5468
  • Sargent, Asa: Burlington | State Police: 802-878-7111 | Cell: 802-793-6705
  • Schmid, Jeremy: Underhill | State Police: 802-878-7111 | Cell: 802-595-4815
  • Thiel, Matt: Alburgh | State Police: 802-524-5993 | Cell: 802-224-6157

Southern District

  • Lt. Gravelle, Jason: Springfield Office | State Police Phone: 802-289-0603
  • Sgt. Carey, Timothy: Mt. Holly | State Police: 802-773-9101 | Cell: 802-793-2776
  • Spc. Buttle, Travis: Bennington | State Police: 802-442-5421 | Cell: 802-777-6281
  • Isherwood, Kyle: Londonderry | State Police: 802-722-4600 | Cell: 802-279-8935
  • Lockerby, David: Springfield | State Police: 802-722-4600 | Cell: 802-917-6263
  • Price, Kelly: Brattleboro | State Police: 802-257-7101 | Cell: 802-380-3723
  • Turner, Justin: Poultney | State Police: 802-442-5421 | Cell: 802-595-8754
  • Watkin, Richard: Wilmington | State Police: 802-722-4600 | Cell: 802-793-9416
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