Vermont Hunting Regulations: Unlawful Practices

Prohibited Activities in Hunting

Baiting and Feeding Restrictions

  • Hunting with Bait: It is illegal to hunt or take deer, bear, turkeys, or waterfowl using bait.
  • Feeding: Feeding deer or bear is prohibited.

Carcass Handling

  • Protected Wildlife Carcasses: Picking up carcasses of protected wildlife is not allowed.

Hunting Equipment Regulations

  • Permitted Methods: Hunting is only legal with a gun, bow and arrow, or crossbow.
  • Snares and Discharging Devices: Setting or using snares and any devices that automatically discharge a firearm to take wild animals are forbidden.

Specific Hunting Restrictions

  • Electronic Calling Devices: The use of electronic calling devices is illegal for hunting waterfowl, wild turkeys, or moose.
  • Hunting with Dogs: Using dogs to hunt deer or moose is against the law.
  • Laser Sights: Laser sights are not permitted for hunting.

Lighting and Aerial Scouting

  • Spotlighting: Casting the rays of a light to spot, locate, take, or attempt to take any wild animal is unlawful, except in the case of raccoon hunting with a dog after the raccoon has been treed.
  • Aerial Scouting: The use of planes, helicopters, or unmanned aerial drones for scouting, hunting, or assisting in hunting is prohibited.
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