Vermont Habitat Stamp

The Vermont Habitat Stamp is an initiative dedicated to preserving and enhancing the state's natural beauty and wildlife abundance. Established to support habitat conservation, the stamp plays a pivotal role in managing over 100 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), spanning more than 130,000 acres. These areas showcase Vermont's diverse ecosystems and result from over a century of strategic conservation efforts.

Supporting Habitat Conservation Through the Habitat Stamp

The purchase of a Habitat Stamp directly funds the maintenance and expansion of Vermont's WMAs. Contributions are bolstered by sporting license sales and the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Fund, ensuring a robust budget for wildlife conservation. By acquiring a 2023 Habitat Stamp, individuals contribute to land conservation, water protection, and the restoration of healthy wildlife habitats. Notably, each donation attracts additional federal dollars, amplifying the impact of every contribution. For instance, in 2022, federal matching funds added an extra $228,567 to the conservation budget.

Exploring and Contributing to Vermont's Natural Heritage

Owning a Habitat Stamp is more than a donation; it's an invitation to engage with Vermont's wild spaces. WMAs offer a chance to experience the state's unique flora and fauna up close. While the stamp is not mandatory for hunting, fishing, or trapping, nor tied to purchasing a sporting license, it represents a commitment to preserving the natural environment. Contributors donating $15.00 or more receive a 4"x5" Habitat Stamp sticker, serving as a token of appreciation and a reminder of their contribution to Vermont's natural legacy.

How to Purchase Your Vermont Habitat Stamp

The process of contributing to this cause is straightforward. Donations can be made online through a dedicated form or by mailing a Habitat Donation form. Those interested in collecting can also use this opportunity to acquire stamps from previous years. Additionally, individuals renewing their hunting or fishing licenses can add a contribution to their application, seamlessly supporting habitat conservation while preparing for their next outdoor adventure.

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