Hunting Coyotes with the Aid of Dogs in Vermont


This guide is an extract from Section 4.20 of 10 App. V.S.A. § 44, detailing regulations specific to hunting coyotes in Vermont with the aid of dogs. For comprehensive rules, visit the provided link to the complete wording of the rule.

Seasons and Permits

Coyote Dog Training Season (June 1 - September 15)

  • Requirement: Coyote Dog Permit.
  • Nonresident Regulation: Allowed only when the training season is active in the nonresident's home state and adhering to Vermont's rules.

Coyote Dog Hunting Season (December 15 - March 31)

  • Requirement: Coyote Dog Permit. Hunting is prohibited until the permit is received.

Shooting Hours: Half-hour before sunrise until half-hour after sunset.

Licenses and Permits

  • Vermont Hunting License: Required for anyone hunting coyotes with the aid of dogs.
  • Coyote Dog Permit: Mandatory for training, hunting, or any activity involving taking of coyotes with dogs. Apply for or accompany a permit holder. Deadline for application is January 15, 2024. Download applications [here](link to application).
  • Lottery: If applications exceed 100, a lottery will determine permit allocation.

Legal Methods

  • Harvesting coyotes can be done using a muzzleloader, gun, bow and arrow, or crossbow.
  • Arrows/bolts must have a minimum 7/8-inch wide arrowhead with at least two cutting sides.

Dogs and Packs

  • Control: The hunter must control the dogs at all times, with the ability to remotely recall them.
  • Collar Requirements: GPS function, track log capability, training/control features, Department Registration Dog-Tag, and a metal identification name plate with the owner's details.
  • Pack Definition: Consists of one to four dogs. Changing dogs mid-pursuit is not allowed.
  • GPS Log Maintenance: Keep a log of each dog's GPS location for at least 30 days post-season.


  • Report the take of coyotes with the aid of dogs within 48 hours post-season on the form provided with the coyote dog permit.

Hunting on Private Land

  • Permission: Do not release dogs on posted land without written landowner permission.
  • Recommendation: Always seek landowner permission before releasing dogs or entering unposted land.
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